My Characters

I'm quite the altoholic...but here are my "main" characters. I also have a handful of characters between 70 and 83...but I'm saving them to level during Mists of Pandaria. 

Midori~85 Restoration/Enhancement Shaman--Jeweler/Miner
Isele~85 Marksmanship Hunter--Herbalist/Alchemist
Aurorie~85 Arcane/Frost Mage--Enchantress and Tailor
Naeja~70 Restoration/Balance Druid--Enchantress and Tailor
Aetta~85 Holy/Retribution Paladin--Engineer
Katorie~85 Combat Rogue --Leatherworker
Midra~85 Holy/Retribution Paladin--Inscriptionist
Midaria~85 Holy/Discipline Priest--Gatherer (minerals and herbs)