Screenshot of the Week: Dusted Off

A few weeks ago I dusted off my little goblin shaman and fell back in love with her. So of course I just had to take some screenshots!

Saeuri embracing her true love of the elements
She's been moved from an evil PvP server to a nice RP server. I love RP servers, getting ganked is just not my thing and I love being around all the role playing. I haven't really leveled her much, just played around in the Jade forest but when I come back from my [hiatus] I think I might go back to her. Elemental/Resto shaman is so exciting...and lot of the spells are cool too. I've had a lot of fun with Saeuri/Midori. She's had a lot of different hair colors, switched back and fourth between ele and enh and then she finally got shelved when I fell in love with other toons and didn't touch her during Mists of Pandaria.

If you were paying attention, you noticed that little word...hiatus...yes you read right, I'm taking a break from the world I've come to love so much. It isn't because I don't love it anymore, I still do! It is because I'm moving half way across the country and I just won't have much time to play so it makes sense to take a little break from it. Anyway, I'll probably love it even more when I come back. 

when she was still Midori, an enh shaman~rawr
I might still pop on here from time to time to post old screenshots, gob knows I have thousands of them. I will be doing two more posts before the 4th of July: "500 pets" and "Ailsi's NEW Transmog."

Thanks for reading!

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