Giveaway Winner and Screenshot of the Week: Through the Years

Skold rolled a #2 out of the people who weren't me
Congrats to Kaleb for winning the Lil Ragnaros pet. Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)

I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane for this week's screenshot of the week. At first I was confused as to why I didn't have anything in May of 2010, but then I realized I wasn't playing at that time because I graduated college. Anyway, although I didn't find very many, I picked three that popped out at me from the first week of May. 

Rizzii, my first beloved gnome May 2009
Still my favorite paladin, Aetta, tired after arena. May 2011
A sexy elf hanging out with a perty flower. <3 Lifegiving Seed May 2012
Heh, what a fun little thing to do. Have a great week everyone!

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