Grand Master Pet Tamers Pt. 2+Giveaway now OPEN

This is the fourth and final installment of my Pet Battle blog series. All of the following teams are level 25. I  hope these posts have been helpful to you. Make sure you check out the end of the post for the giveaway. One lucky winner will walk away with a super adorable cinder kitten.

Remember to refer to the "My Pet Battle Team" tab above if you are wondering why I'm using a specific pet.

Courageous Yon of Kun-Lai Summit (35.8, 73.6)
He's a little bit hard to find because he's in a cave. Yon's team is composed of a flyer, a critter and a beast so you'll want to bring a magic, a beast and a mechanical

Wastewalker Shu of the Dread Wastes (55.0, 37.6)
Bring an aquatic, a flyer and a mechanical to beat Shu's team. He has an elemental, an aquatic and a beast. 

Mo'ruk of Krasarang Wilds (62.2, 45.8)
This silly hozen has a flyer, a beast and an aquatic. You'll need a magic, a mechanical and a flyer to defeat this team. 

Hyuna of the Shrines in The Jade Forest (48.0, 54.0)
She has the same team make up as Mo'ruk--a flyer, a beast and an aquatic. So bring your magic, mechanical and flyer team. 

Seeker Zusshi of Townlong Steppes (36.2, 52.2)
Zusshi has a critter, an elemental and an aquatic. Make sure to bring a beast, an aquatic and a flyer

Farmer Nishi of the Valley of Four Winds (45.0, 43.6)
Bring two aquatics and a mechanical to this battle to defeat Nishi's team of two elementals and a beast. 

Aki the Chosen of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (67.6, 40.8)
Aki is the last Grand Master Pet Tamer. Her battle is very hard. She has a critter, a dragonkin and an aquatic. You will need a beast, a humanoid and a flyer. This battle is hard solely because of the dragonkin's weather ability Call Lightning. Pretty much if you don't get the first or second hits in (hopefully big hits) you might not do very well the rest of the match... but if you have the team above you should be alright. I won't lie though this is, and for good reason, the hardest Grand Master. 

Spirit Tamers
Burning Pandaren Spirit found in Townlong Steppes (57, 42.2)
This team is composed of an elemental, a dragonkin and a flyer. Bring an aquatic, a humanoid and a magic

Flowing Pandaren Spirit found in the Dread Wastes (61.2, 87.4)
You'll want to bring a flyer, a beast and an aquatic to defeat the Flowing Pandaren spirit's team of an aquatic, a critter, and an elemental. 

Whispering Pandaren Spirit found in the Jade Forest (28.8, 36)
This team is made up of a critter, a dragonkin and an elemental. You'll really be glad you leveled that humanoid up ;) Anyway, you will want a beast, a humanoid and an aquatic.

You have a chance to get this pet in a Sack after completing the Whispering Pandaren Spirit's quest daily
Thundering Pandaren Spirit found in Kun-Lai Summit (64.8, 93.6) 
Bring an aquatic, a beast and a mechanical to defeat the Thundering Pandaren Spirit's team of an elemental, a critter and a beast. 

Darkmoon Faire
We all know that the first full week of the month, the Darkmoon Faire comes to Azeroth. Jeremy Feasel comes with the fair and has a daily pet battle quest for you. His team is composed of a mechanical, a beast and a magic. You will need to bring an elemental, a mechanical and a dragonkin to beat him. This battle is very very hard. The beast hits like a truck...oh and he throws bananas. 

Cinder Kitten Needs Home

And now for the part everyone has been looking forward to--the giveaway. It will be conducted through the comment section of this blog. To enter, answer the following question: "Which pet family is your favorite and why?" 

The contest will go from 3/5/13 to 3/12/13 with the winner being announced Tuesday evening. Only one entry per person, US realms only with an active World of Warcraft subscription. I will be using the WoW /roll system to find the winner based on the number of entries. One lucky winner will get to take home the super adorable cinder kitten. 

Good luck!


  1. Undead :D cuz im undead. ^-^

  2. Against 'Aki the Chosen' try using Peddlefeet. You won't even have to fight the dragonkin. Rapidfire will hit all enemies (extra damage to dragonkin) and use LovePotion to stay alive. The dragonkin will be unable to show its face. Guaranteed win, makes leveling pets to 25 easy.

    Also, my favorite pet family is elemental, cause all cool pets are in it.

  3. Beast! Because it has kittehs...

  4. Teh robots, cause they are robots.

  5. Dragonkins! Of course I'm going to love baby dragons.