Cinder Kitten Winner AND Beasts of Fable rundown

The little cinder kitten that needs a home goes to Geezix. You should have received your kitten already :)

In really tiny print you can see, #4 wins!
Thank you to everyone who participated :) After thinking about this for a week, I've decided that my favorite pet family is the Aquatics. I love how their abilities differ so much from pet to pet. Take for example a mirror strider, an emerald turtle and snarly (a croc). All aquatic but all very different. The mirror strider has a heal, a weather buff and is hella awesome against elementals with pump and water jet. The turtle has a nice defense ability, a heal, and has something to kick butt against flyers, critters, undead and elemental--talk about well rounded. Finally, the croc is more like a beast, but he also has abilities that are good against elementals.

This week I will do a quick rundown of the Beasts of Fable. You aren't able to do the "Beasts of Fable" quest until you have beaten Aki the Chosen. Which means you need to have beaten all the other tamers on Azeroth. Once you've done all that, horde can get the quest from Gentle San in Shrine of Two Moons and alliance can obtain the quest from Sara Finkleswitch in Shrine of Seven Stars. As long as you have a team of 25s defeating the beasts of fable won't be too bad. After reading my other posts, you all probably know that my preferred method is to use the +50% attack pet vs the opposing pet. That goes for this as well, but you might not always have three of that pet family. In which case I try to use at least two +50% attack and maybe one +33% defense. There are ten beasts of fable in all and they are level 25 and have 4000-4400 health. The good news is that there is only one of them and three of you. Sometimes it only takes one of your 25s to beat them. I'd just like to point out that I used the level 25s that I had available to me, which is why sometimes the team make up isn't quite perfect. For example, I'd ideally like to use three mechanicals on the beasts but since I only have two I made adjustments. It is also entirely possible to do this quest with whatever level 25 team you have, it just might take a little bit longer and be a bit harder. Good luck!!

Skold hanging out with Nitun the Midnight Plunderer
Nitun of the Jade Forest (56,29) Critter level 25
I used two beasts and a humanoid to defeat him. Sometimes it just takes those two, sometimes this critter can be quite the jerk so you do need your third to get the last hit or two in. One of the harder beasts of fable, imo.

Ka'wi the Gorger of the Jade Forest (48,71) Critter level 25
You can defeat him quite fast if you get lucky with your hits, since he is a critter I used two beasts and a humanoid to defeat him.

Skitterer Xi'a of Krasarang Wilds (36,37) Aquatic level 25
Since I only have one level 25 flyer, I bring a flyer and two magic--since the magic have the defense buff against aquatic.

Greyhoof of Valley of the Four Winds (25, 78) Beast level 25
To defeat Greyhoof I use  Two mechanicals and a flyer.

Lucky Yi of Valley of the Four Winds (39,44) Critter level 25
Since this is the third critter I've encountered on the Beasts of Fable quest I use the same team as Nitun. Two beasts and a humanoid.

Skold again chilling with No-No under her umbrella. 
No-No of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms (11,70) Aquatic level 25
Use the same team as you do for Skitterer Xi'a. A flyer and two magic. Just want to say that this little one is probably the cutest you get to battle ^_~

Gorespine of the Dread Wastes (26,50) Beast level 25
Same team as the other beasts already defeated at this point--two mechanicals and a flyer.

Ti'un the Wanderer of Townlong Steppes (72,79) Aquatic level 25
Same team as the other aquatics already defeated by this point--a flyer and two magic.

Kafi of Kun-Lai Summit (35,56) Beast level 25
Again, as a beast you'll want to use two mechanicals and a flyer. I found this to be another hard one. He hits like a truck and can stun so be prepared for that.

Dos-Ryga of Kun-Lai Summit (67,84) Aquatic level 25
Unlike the other aquatics, the team of a flyer with two magic doesn't work the best; I realized this after using that team for the fourth time. It is doable with two magic, but the spell that Dos-Ryga favors is a dragonkin spell so it eats up the magic pets. If you can, use three flyers. If not, just use whatever you have that isn't magic or elemental.

Mozi, the Red Panda
Why do this quest? Simply because you get a super adorable Red Panda the first time you do it!! After that it becomes an account daily quest where you are awarded the Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies which has a chance to contain one of three other pandas, fun silly items, and battle stones. If the pandas aren't enough, I hear that the bag has a pretty large chance to drop those battle stones. The pandas in the bag are able to be traded once equipped and put in a box so that is a bonus if you get multiple drops of the same one. The Red Panda however, is not able to be traded. I hope this guide and the other pet battle guides in this series were helpful.


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