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Before I even started doing the pet battle trainers I went through all the pets I currently had and picked out a "team" to level.  Although my team has varied a little bit since then, it was always my goal to get at least one of each family to level 25.  Now that I've done that and then some I went on to defeat all the trainers.  I found that it makes leveling your pets a whole lot easier when you have two maxed out pets carrying a third. This works best with the trainer dailies, but it also works with regular pet battles.  This works because when you are using two capped pets with one that isn't capped that one gets all the XP.  Depending on the level of the pet--that can be 700-1000 XP from one fight.  Just make sure the not capped pet gets hit or hits at least once.

Now I know there are many different strategies to doing the pet battles, but I prefer to always have the family that has the +50% bonus strike against the opposing team.  When I can't, well then I can't but I really really prefer it.  For example, I will always use my moth (flying) against an aquatic because flyers have that bonus against the aquatic family.  You can get an entire list of who is stronger than who from warcraftpets.com's Pet Battles Cheat Sheet.  Honestly one of the best things I've found during my journey through pet battles.  Other people prefer to always have a healer out with one or two plus damage--or someone who has +33% bonus defense against one of the opposing pets.  Of course that strategy works well...better than mine even because it has a better survival rate.  However, my team kicks butt quickly and even if one or two pets die I can always stop at a nearby Stable Master or just wait out the cooldown of Revive Battle Pets.  Using the Stable Master (located near pretty much any inn...)costs a few silver, but it is a very nice option if you don't feel like waiting.  I feel silly, but I just found out a week or so ago that this was an option.  Before I was just waiting on the cooldown and wasting my bandages.

Mechanicals have the +50% bonus strike vs. Beasts
Above we have Shardik the Anodized Robocub.  I generally prefer him for his Demolish ability used with Supercharge.  I hear that supercharge is being nerfed in the patch.  Imo, it'll still be strong enough to take out beasts quickly so I'll still use it. 
Circuit is a De-weaponized mechanical companion.  If I use him, it's because I want someone to take some hits for the team.  So I'll have Extra Plating and Repair active for his rotation.  I'll use Metal Fist or Thrash depending on if I'm fighting a beast or a critter.

Critters have the +50% bonus strike vs. Undead
Cuddles is a cute little Bandicoon Kit.  When using him against Undead I use Powerball first paired with Tongue Lash because of the increased speed buff. 
To the left of Skold we have Hopper, the Grassland Hopper.  Primarily I like to use him because of his heal, but his damage against Undead isn't anything to scoff at either.  His Skitter and Swarm abilities are quite good.

Magic has the +50% bonus strike vs. Flying
Allons-y is an Arcane eye.  I leveled him first, because he was my ONLY non grey quality pet.  Later I got a stone and made Dream a rare so she is my go-to for beating flyers.  Anyway, for Allons-y I usually use 
Focused Beams, Eyeblast and Mana Surge.  Like I said though not my favorite magic, but it was something to start with.
Legs, aka Dream is not only one of my favorite companion pets, but she's also super strong in battle.  What's nice about Dream is that she is strong against flyers so I use Laser, Surge of Power and Focused Beams, but she also has two abilities that are strong against elemental: Pump and Whirlpool.  rawr.

Flying has the +50% bonus strike vs. Aquatic
This is Flutter the Oasis Moth.  She has beautiful wings and eats aquatics for breakfast.  Any questions?  No?  Good.  I prefer to use Alpha Strike because of the extra damage if she goes first, Adrenaline Rush for the increased speed buff and Moth Dust--because even though it has a moderate chance to miss, it goes BANG when it does hit.

Beasts have the +50% bonus strike vs. Critters
Yes that is a disgusting Jumping Spider.  No I don't use Itsy very often.  I only leveled him to be annoying in PvP battles.  Anyway, if I were to use him I'd use either one of his first talents, Sticky Web so the pet can't flee and then Leech Life so he can heal for a bunch and never die!  Muahahaha.
Meet Tod, the Fox Kit.  I always use Bite, Howl for the increased damage buff and Leap for the speed increase.  Start out with Howl, then Leap followed by bite.  He's gets hit pretty hard but he also hits for a ton with all his buffs up.  Oh and he dances in is spare time.  /die

Elementals have the +50% bonus strike vs. Mechanicals
Loves Me Not is an Ammen Vale Lashling.  My favorite ability she has is her Poison Lash.  It keeps a debuff on the target for 5 rounds.  That's pretty big when you are fighting something that can revive once after it dies.  I always use Soothing Mists at least once a battle because it not only heals her, but the others on the team.  Generally, I use Stun Seed for the third talent because it does so much more damage than the other third talent.  I hear it is being nerfed though so we'll see once patch hits.  Sadly, she isn't the best choice for an elemental to level up--but she does the job.  I will be leveling one of my rare elementals at a later date.  Right now since there are only two or three battle masters who have mechanical pets it just isn't worth it to me right now.

Aquatics have the +50% bonus strike vs. Elementals
River Song is a Mirror Strider.  I always use Cleansing Rain at the beginning of the battle because of the increased aquatic damage buff.  Then I have Water Jet and Pump as the first and third talents.  One of the cutest pets :)
Turtles are very versatile in the pet battles.  The one above, Squirt the Emerald Turtle, has abilities that are good against Flyers, Critters, Elementals and Undead.  Normally when I use him though I use Emerald Bite, Healing Wave and Headbutt.

Undead have the +50% bonus strike vs. Humanoids
Ruby is a Fossilized Hatchling.  She's very good at killing humanoids.  She also likes to yell BONESTORM at random times.  (Okay she doesn't really yell it, but it is one of her abilities...)  I don't have a set rotation for her since I don't come across many humanoids.  Bone Bite, Death and Decay and either of the third talent should work just fine.  I also like the fact that she has a pretty hefty heal if you don't choose D&D.

Dragonkin have the +50% bonus strike vs. Magic
This pretty little pet was quite expensive, but she is the last of the colored whelplings that I needed.  Her name is Rose and she is the Crimson Whelpling.  I like her because she has a decent heal, or you can choose to do the weather buff Scorched Earth.  Usually I use Scorched Earth, Deep Breath and Breath. The opposing magic pet doesn't live through two rounds of the mentioned talents.

Humanoids have the +50% bonus strike vs. Dragonkin
Shroomie here is an orphaned Sporeling Sprout.  I always use Jab on him because it does more damage than the other 1st ability.  Secondly I'll use leech seed because it's always nice to get that extra healing and finally I choose Crouch for the damage reduction.

Over the next few weeks I'll go through which pets of my team I used for each trainer.  Feel free to return to this post to see which "rotation" I feel is most effective.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and don't forget to check out my Love is in the Air post from last year--nothing has changed (except for the dates) and well...love is in the air! ;)

Now that you have a team, take them out and beat all of the Master Pet Tamers:
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