More Pet Battle Daily Quests+some Grand Master Tamers

In addition to the alliance and horde daily pet battle quests, there are also dailies in Outland, Northrend and in the Cataclysm zones. Both factions can do each of these upon completing their own faction's for the first time. In this post I will be going over these daily quests and giving a sneak peek at next weeks post on the Grand Master Pet Tamer Daily quests. Once defeated, each Grand Master will award a Sack of Pet Supplies. More on that later. Just know that it isn't a walk in the park, you need to be prepared because the tamers do get harder, especially once you get to the Grand Masters.

Nicki Tinytech of Hellfire Peninsula (64.4, 49.2)
Nicki has three level 20 mechanicals, you will need three elementals to defeat this team.

Ras'an of Zangarmarsh (17.2, 50.6)
Bring a magic, a dragonkin and an undead to beat Ras'an's level 21 team of a flyer, magic and a humanoid. While you're out there farm for a rare Sporeling Sprout if you don't already have a rare humanoid. They pack quite a punch *giggle* and they have a nice self heal ability.

Narrok of Nagrand (61.0, 49.4)
He has a level 22 team of an aquatic, a beast and a critter so you will want to bring a flying, a mechanical and a beast.

Morulu the Elder of Shattrath City (59.0, 70.0)
Depending on your pet's level, you could probably do this battle with just one rare flyer seeing as he has three level 23 aquatics. Otherwise, three flyers will do the job ;)

Morulu the Elder with his three crocs
Beegle Blastfuse of Howling Fjord (28.6, 33.8)
Bring two magic and a flyer to defeat Beegle's level 25 team of two flyers and an aquatic.

Gutretch of Zul'Drak (13.2, 66.8)
This battle is pretty tough. You will for sure want two mechanicals and a beast--max level for the mechs if possible because the Gutretch's beasts hit very hard. When I did this one I struggled with my 25 and 21 green mechanicals. He has a level 25 team of two beasts and a critter.

Nearly Headless Jacob of the Crystalsong Forest (50.2, 59.0)
This is another tough one. Jacob has three level 25 undead. Which means you need three critters to defeat him. When I first did these quests I had one 25 critter and I figured it wouldn't be too hard if I just used one of my other rare 25s. That strategy did not work. I ended coming back later with two critters and a turtle.

Okrut Dragonwaste of Dragonblight (59.0, 77.0)
Okrut has two undead and a dragonkin. This battle is kind of annoying, but not quite as bad as Nearly Headless Jacob. Bring two critters and a humanoid and you'll be golden.

Nearly Headless Jacob
Bordin Steadyfist of Deepholm (49.8, 57.0)
Bordin has a critter and two elementals. Bring a beast and two aquatic to defeat this team of level 25s. The two elementals are very very strong. Whatever you do, do not bring a mechanical to this fight because they will die a quick and painful death. If you can, use at least one of the healing spells on the aquatics.

Brok of Mount Hyjal (61.4, 32.8)
Bring a dragonkin, a mechanical and a beast. Brok has a magic, a beast and a critter. This fight doesn't seem too bad; until the magic pet comes out. The magic pet has an ability to blind your pets, reducing accuracy by 50% this can make it quite hard for the dragonkin (or any pet) to beat down the magic quickly--it will still work but it might take a try or two to beat this team of 25s.

Goz Banefury of the Twilight Highlands (56.6, 56.8)
This team of level 25s includes a beast, an elemental and a magic. Bring a mechanical, an aquatic and a dragonkin to beat them!

Bordin Steadyfist
Since I want all of the MoP information in the next blog, today I will also go over all the Grand Master Pet Tamers that are *not* on Pandaria. The fun part about doing these quests is you are guarunteed a Sack of Pet Supplies which gives you a 0.4% chance to loot the Porcupette or pet family specific battle stones. The sack can also include lots of other fun things like biscuits that make your pet bigger, treats to make them smaller and my favorite--bandages for use after pet battles if your pet heal is on cooldown!

Note: The Grand Master's have elite pets. From what I can tell they just have a bit more health. I honestly only did Trixxy and Lydia when my pets were 21--I waited for all the others until I had a few teams of 25s. It's a huge annoyance to try and do them and keep dying. What used to work is to flee the battle and start it again until you got the opposing pet you wanted first--coming patch 5.2 that won't work so well because your pets will start being hurt when you flee from battles :(

Grand Master Pet Tamers Pt. 1
Stone Cold Trixxy of Winterspring (65.6, 64.6)
This little goblin has a team of 19 elites that includes a flyer, a dragonkin and a beast. You'll need a magic, a humanoid and a mechanical to beat this team.

Lydia Accoste of Deadwind Pass (40.2, 76.6)
Bring two critters and an aquatic to defeat Lydia's team of 19 elites. She has two undead and an elemental. The only annoyance with this battle is the undead ability to come back to life for 1 round when killed. Not too hard of a fight though.

Bloodknight Antari of Shadowmoon Valley (30.6, 41.8)
This might be one of the worst teams you will battle (though not the hardest--I'll get to him later.) Antari has a magic, an elemental and a dragonkin of level 24. Bring a dragonkin, an aquatic and a humanoid.

Major Payne of Icecrown (77.4, 19.6)
This guy really is a major pain...okay okay bad pun. But really, I can honestly say that he's the hardest pet battle daily that I've done. His team of 25s includes a mechanical, a beast and an elemental. Make sure you bring an elemental to beat his mechanical. Not only that but his mechanical hits like a truck so be ready with the heals. You'll also want a mechanical and an aquatic.

Obalis of Uldum (56.6, 41.8)
Bring a mechanical, a magic and a beast to beat his team of level 25s. Obalis has a beast, a flyer and a critter.

Major Payne
Next week I will conclude my Pet Battle Daily Quest series with all the daily pet battle quests on Pandaria. Then finally my little Cinder kitten will find a new home with one lucky winner--details next week!


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