Alliance/Horde Pet Battle Daily Quests

Each day you are allowed to battle the the Master Pet Tamers of Azeroth. You start out with whichever faction you are on. Alliance quests are all on Eastern Kingdoms and the Horde quests are on Kalimdor. Once you go through ALL of the daily quests the opposite faction's quests are also available for you to do. I had already done every single pet battle master through Grand Master Aki so I don't know if you have to go that far or not in order to get the quests. Anyway, just flying around Kalimdor was enough for me most days. To get started with the quests Alliance should go see Audrey Burnhep in Stormwind and Hordies can meet Varzok in Orgrimmar.

This guide is geared towards defeating the opposing team with a team of "+50% Bonus Strike" pets. Towards the top of my page you'll see the tab "My Pet Battle Team" that page goes into more detail about my team and why I choose the specific pet that I do. I explained it all there so the daily quest blogs could be a "go to" of what you need w/o all the why and hows. Also in the team post I talked about who is stronger vs who, you'll want to reference that when you need to know which pet to put against the opposing team--remember this strategy obviously works best when you are using the correct pet--use that pet swap! I hope this post helps! When I started doing all the pet battle stuff I did most of it by trial and error and using warcraftpets.com/wowhead as references but there were times I just couldn't find a good strategy. Good luck with your battles!


Julia Stevens of Elwynn Forest (41.6, 83.6)
You'll want to defeat her team of two level 2 beasts with two mechanicals.

Ol MacDonald of Westfall (60.8, 18.6)
He has a flyer, a mechanical and a critter that are level 3. Bring a magic, an elemental and a beast.

Lindsay of Redridge Mountains (33.2, 52.6)
She has three critters of level 5. Depending on your pet's level you could probably just use one or two beasts.

Eric Davidson of Duskwood (20.2, 44.2)
Eric's team is composed of three level 7 beasts. Bring one or two mechanicals.

Steven Lisbane of Northern Stranglethorn (46.0, 40.4)
To defeat Steven's team of level 9 pets (two beasts and a magic) you'll want a team of two mechanicals and a dragonkin.

Bill Buckler from The Cape of Stranglethorn (51.2, 73.6)
Bring two magic and an undead to beat Bill's level 11 team of two flyers and a humanoid.

David Kosse of the Hinterlands (62.8, 54.6)
David has a critter, a beast and a magic of level 13. You will need a beast, a mechanical and a dragonkin.

Deiza Plaguehorn of the Eastern Plaguelands (67.0, 52.4)
You'll want to defeat her team of level 14 pets (two beasts and an undead) with two mechanicals and a critter.

Kortas Darkhammer of Searing Gorge (35.6, 27.8)
Kortas has a team of three level 15 dragonkin. Ideally, you should bring a team of three humanoids, but for me I only had one so I took him as far as he could go and then just used my other strong pets. So I'd say, a humanoid, a mechanical and a turtle (aquatic.) It all depends on what level you are when you fight.

Everessa of the Swamp of Sorrows (76.6, 41.6)
Bring a flyer, a magic and a mechanical to this fight. Her team is composed of level 16s; an aquatic, a flyer and a beast.

Durin Darkhammer of the Burning Steppes (25.6, 47.6)
Kortas Darkhammer's brother has a flyer, a critter and an elemental of level 17. You need a magic, a beast and an aquatic

Fighting  Grazzle, in the above I was trying out humanoid, flyer, mechanical vs his dragonkin
Zunta of Durotar (44.0, 28.4)
He has a critter and a beast of level 2. Bring a beast and a mechanical.

Dagra the Fierce of the Northern Barrens (58.6, 53.0)
Bring two mechanicals and a beast to defeat Dagra's team of level 3s (two beasts and a critter.)

Analynn of Ashenvale (20.2, 29.6)
You'll want to defeat her team of level 5 pets with a flyer, a magic and a beast since she has an aquatic, a flyer, and a critter.

Zonya the Sadist of the Stonetalon Mountains (59.6, 71.6)
Zonya has two beasts and a critter of level 7. Bring two mechanicals and a beast to beat her team.

Merda Stronghoof of Desolace (57.2, 45.8)
To defeat Merda's team you'll need to bring a flyer, an aquatic and a beast. Merda has an aquatic, an elemental and a critter of level 9.

Cassandra Kaboom of the Southern Barrens (39.6, 79.2)
This little goblin has a team of three mechanicals of level 11. You'll want to bring three elementals or anything except a magic or a beast. This one was harder for me since I only leveled one elemental. Honestly though, there are very few mechanical pets that you have to battle. I ended up using a mechanical, an elemental and an aquatic because those were the three I was leveling at the time.

Traitor Gluk of Feralas (59.6, 49.6)
Gluk has a dragonkin, a beast and a critter that are level 13. To defeat him you'll want to bring a humanoid, a mechanical and a beast

Grazzle the Great of Dustwallow Marsh (53.8, 74.8)
He has three level 14 dragonkin that he stole from Onyxia's lair...what a silly silly goblin. Ideally, you should bring a team of three humanoids, but for me I only had one so I took him as far as he could go and then just used my other strong pets. So I'd say, a humanoid, a mechanical and a turtle (aquatic.) It all depends on what level you are when you fight.

Kela Grimtotem of Thousand Needles (31.8, 32.8)
She has two critters and a beast of level 15. You will need two beasts and a mechanical to defeat her team.

Zoltan of Felwood (40.0, 56.6)
Bring two dragonkin and an elemental to defeat Zoltan's level 16 team of two magic and a mechanical.

Elena Flutterfly of Moonglade (46.0, 60.6)
Elena has a magic, a dragonkin and a flyer of level 17. This battle can be a little tricky, but bringing a dragonkin, a humanoid and a magic should give you the upper hand.

In the middle of a battle, sometimes Aurorie just doesn't pay attention...
I hope you enjoyed this post on alliance and horde daily pet battle quests. Next week the post will have this same format except I will be covering the daily pet battle quests of Burning Crusade, Wrath and Cataclysm.

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