I really wanted to have my massive pet battle master guide out by now...but I've been distracted by alts...and doctor who.  Well those aren't really the only things keeping me away from finishing it--the post is actually going to be pretty huge and it has taken more research than I thought it would.  In short I'm going to take my time finishing it and post it in three (I think) posts through out February.  The last one being at the end of the month--with a giveaway. :)

So what has been keeping me so distracted? Well, I'll show you :)

LFR with my favorite priest.  I've taken a new interest in my mage after a little break and changed to arcane.  I like it.
Midra Skymend, holy paladin of Moonguard
Leveling in the Jade Forest
My latest love, Skold the disc priest--also of Moonguard.
And finally, raiding old raids with my guildies on "guild night" <3
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Look for the first post on pet battle masters the second weekend in February!


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