Transmog Feature: Fizzilla's Lionheart Bloodfist

In just twenty minutes, Mists of Pandaria will go live. {Edit: I got side tracked--it's live now and it's pretty awesome} I cannot wait! Looking forward to playing a bit tonight in the new level 85+ zones and then later this week starting out my female panda monk. Should be a wonderful time. Anyway, here's some love to the plate wearing goblins out there!

This set is comprised mostly of Bloodfist Plate, a bronzey sister to the Darkcrest Plate that I featured a few weeks ago. Each of the pieces: Chest, Gloves, Belt, Leggings and Boots have a terribly low drop rate of .3%-.5%. They can be "farmed" in the Burning Crusade dungeons. I don't suggest farming for them, maybe run a few dungeons and try your luck but really--I'd stick to the AH or ask in trade chat to see if anyone is selling them. They haven't run too expensive on my server, though we're pretty low population.

My favorite part of this set is the Swiftsteel Shoulders. Even though I'm not usually a gold and diamonds kind of girl, I really like how sparkly these shoulders look! I love how it adds so much to the bronze of the Bloodfist set. The pattern for these shoulders is a zone drop in the Burning Crusade raid, Black Temple. It has a 3% chance to drop.

Fizzilla is wearing a Thoriumweave Cloak. Personally, I don't think the set needs a cloak--then again I don't ever think they  do ;) I do, however, think this cloak matches quite well with the rest of the set. Especially with the golden trim. This cloak has a 21% chance to drop off Mechano-Lord Capacitus in the Mechanar.

Two Lionheart Executioners complete this set. Again, another great choice for this set with the little accent of gold in the blades. If you are looking for this beauty, a blacksmith of 385 skill or higher should be able to help you, or check the auction house. {Edit: I overlooked the fact that this weapon is bind on pick up, sorry those of you who aren't blacksmiths :( }

And now for a sneak peak at my first night in MoP.

Xaela, balance/restoration druid
That little guy with the purple around his head is my charmed woodland creature from the glyph. So I can have two non-combat pets out at a time. Simply amazing. Oh yeah and my last blog about decisions? Threw that out the window. I'm leveling my druid now as a priority along with my monk :)

Hope everyone had a fun first night <3



Decisions, decisions

Aetta~Loving the new fairy wings!
I have nine level 85 characters. Because I always want to play all of them, this holds a problem for me when Mists of Pandaria comes out in 12 days! So I decided, altoholic as I am, that I need to pick *three* to bring to max level first, plus a female panda monk ;)

I’m super excited!

It took a while of playing around with all my characters post patch 5.0.5, but I finally made my picks. I’ve decided to level my paladin, Aetta, as my main healer. My death knight, Naelah, as my main melee dps--and some day a tank? Last but not least, Aurorie the mage, will be my main ranged.

Naelah with an unfinished transmog set
For the last week I’ve been playing around a bunch on my DK as frost and I’ve been having a blast! Quite proud of myself too because she’s like the 5th DK that I’ve started, but the only one I’ve gotten to end game. At first I didn’t like the diseases that I’m supposed to keep up--but I’ve gotten used to them now and I’m actually kind of liking the rotation. While running dungeons on my DK I’d been seeing a lot of paladin healers and it made me miss mine. So yesterday I decided to run a few twilight dungeons on her to see how it would go. I was really worried because I cheated to get in by wearing a full set (of old, like ilevel 352?) PvP gear. It went amazingly to say the least, and I actually stayed with the same group for four dungeons. Ended up getting a ton of gear too...including the shoulders I’ve been trying to get for transmog on my DK o.O of course it would end up like that. Though, I will have to say Naelah is one of my luckier characters as she did win the Vitreous Stone Drake on her first heroic run of The Stonecore (though it does drop on both modes.) Screenies to come on the next screenshot of the whenever-I-feel-like-it blog ;)

Aurorie <3
Other than topping off the pally and DK for gear I’ve just been focusing on making gold from farming mats and finishing up my engineering and blacksmithing professions so I’ll finally have one of each profession when MoP comes out.

So what are your plans for Mists? Do you try to play all of your characters equally or do you have a main you are solely dedicated to? I’d love to hear from you!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!