Transmog: Blood Knight Mail

I love this set so much I have it on two of my characters. One is an alliance human hunter and the other is a horde goblin shaman. Though this set is called Blood Knight Mail, it also has pieces of the Battleforge mail. Blood Knight also has a sister set (and yes it is mail!) called Glimmering Mail, however that set is red and gold and not as highly detailed as Blood Knight Mail. I adore the detail in this set--the little gold/red symbols etched onto the black parts of the mail are so beautiful.

There is quite the ugly headpiece that goes with this set, but I can't stand to have Midori's cute little pigtails covered up. You will notice (if you haven't already) that I never wear cloaks on any of my toons--but I'm sure you could find a nice looking cloak at one of the many transmog websites if you like them!

These shoulders have the best chance to drop off the rares in Northern Stranglethorn and that is only a 3-4% chance. Depending on your server, these might be easier picked off the Auction house, and since they aren't really that pretty when separated from the set--you might find them decently priced. 

This chest piece has about a .2% chance to drop in Old Hillsbrad Foothills--another hard piece to farm. The sister piece to this set, Battleforge Armor, has a 4% drop chance off rare spawns in Arathi Highlands and the Stonetalon Mountains. I really love how this chest piece is sleeveless save the little straps on the arms. 

I bought all the pieces of this set off the Auction House so I can't really say how hard it was to get--but I seems quite hard. These gauntlets only have a 4-5% chance to drop off of rare spawns in Northern Stranglethorn. The sister piece, Blood Knight gauntlets, have a .2% chance to drop in Blade's Edge Mountains. On my human, I ended up using the Glimmering Gauntlets that my friend gave me to complete the set. I think they match the set well enough, mostly because of the pattern on the front of the "greaves." 

As I'm researching where these items can be obtained, it seems the majority of the set can be found off of rare spawns in Northern Stranglethorn. This belt is no exception, with a 3-4% chance to drop. 

These "greaves" make me think of a cute little ruffle skirt with the way the gold and red are patterned. This piece has the best chance to drop in Auchenai Crypts with .16% chance. The Battleforge Legguards have the best chance to drop in--you guessed it--Northern Stranglethorn off of rare spawns. 

Most likely to drop in Stonetalon Mountains or Arathi Highlands, with at 3-4% chance. The Blood Knight boots have quite a low chance to drop in Old Hillsbrad Foothills and Auchenai Crypts.

One-handed axe-Gatecrasher
Just pretend that I have two of these little axes for my transmog set ;). This axe has a 16% chance to drop in  the Firelands off of Baleroc, the Gatekeeper. I had been healing for my guild, but no one needed it for main spec so I got to roll and ended up winning! Now if only I could bring myself to play my enhancement spec. more...

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week! 



Transmog Feature: Kjuibit

Today's transmog set was put together by my friend and guildmate, Kjuib. This is actually the only "profession" type transmog set that I've seen. There are a bunch of restrictions on what can be mogged so putting together a set like Kjuibit's is quite rare. Though there are a few things missing from this set, it would be very easy to find matches to go with the set. As a tauren, boots are one of those things that you don't really have to worry about how they look transmogged. Kjuib did say he's having a problem finding gloves and a belt to match-- though I think the Ango'rosh gear works really well for this set because of how well it matches the helm and over all "miner" feel.

Head-Underworld Helm
I love this miner's hat and how the little light actually glows.This helm is a quest reward from "Beneath Thrallmar" in Hellfire Peninsula. Sadly, the alliance do not have a quest similar to this with the same quest reward. However, there are a few engineering patterns that look similar to the above helm.

If you are looking to get your hands on these pauldrons--you are better off searching the auction house than farming for it. They only have a .13% chance to drop in Hellfire Ramparts

This piece has the best chance to drop off of a Hellfire Watcher in Hellfire Ramparts. Too bad it only has a .19% chance to drop--better off looking to the auction house or seeing if a guildie has it. /giggle I'm pretty lucky-- my guildies love transmog as much as I do so they have banks filled with goodies like I do. 

Another drop in Hellfire Ramparts--if you are lucky. Always check the AH, especially with this set that doesn't seem too sought after, someone may sell it for very cheap. 

Main-hand-Brann's Trusty Pick
I love that a mining pick can be transmogged--definitely makes my day. This particular pick is one-handed; but there are a few others that are two-handers. This is a reward from the quest chain "Brann Bronzbeard's Lost Letter." Which is a quest that starts from the above letter--that has a 2% chance to drop off of bugs in Silithus. Mostly the Hive'Regal Spitfires and the Hive'Regal Ambushers.

Off-hand-Shovel of Mercy
Easily my favorite piece to this set. Why? Because he's carrying around a silly shovel. This is a quest reward from "Do the Right Thing" in Hillsbrad Foothills. I'll tell you--there were a few times where I definitely did not do the right thing on this quest--it's so misleading! <3 undead quests. Anyway! As far as I can tell this is the only moggable one handed shovel in game--sorry alliance!

The creativity of this set makes me smile. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



Transmog: Midra

Since I wrote up Aetta's blog last week, I thought it only fitting to do a blog on my alliance paladin's sexy retribution set this week. Midra's set is mostly comprised of the Imbued Plate (Recolor), with a few randoms here and there. I got a glimpse of this set in Stormwind on a warrior and I fell in love with it instantly. However, when I saw the auction house prices and the terrible drop rates, my heart sank. Deeming it not worth spending a ton of gold on, I had given up hope. A few months later I randomly opened an eternium lockbox I had laying around and found the chest piece! My yearning for the set returned and I scoured the auction house everyday until I had the pieces I needed, expensive as it was, I had a lot of gold...not to mention the set is totally worth it. I tend to be a bit of an auctioneer on any server I play on, so I always save and sell stuff. This was no different on Moon Guard. I especially love selling gear and weapons on Moon Guard since the the economy is really out of whack there because it is an RP server. 
These shoulders have the best chance to drop off mobs in Blade's Edge Mountains. I of course did not farm for them, I just got them off the auction house for some ridiculously cheap price because someone found them ugly. I won't say it is the prettiest shoulder piece out there--but it is better than some that I have seen. I also like that they are quite low key so the focus of the set is on the chest piece and weapon. There are a few look-a-likes to these epaulets, including the Overmaster's Shoulders from the quest Dealing with the Overmaster, and the Felstone Pauldrons that have a 25% chance to drop off of Morcrush a 68 elite in Blade's Edge Mountains. 

Like I said--I got this randomly out of an Eternium lockbox one day. Never ever vendor your lock boxes folks! Find a friendly rogue to open them. This chest piece has the best chance to drop in Blackwing Lair and Molten Core, with the highest drop rate being 1.2% off of Nefarian. It is bind on equip though, so check your local Auction House. I have to say that this is one of my favorite chest pieces because of the cute black strings that go up the arm. I simply adore it. There are two other chest pieces in game that have the strings, a black/white one that is super duper rare (you need someone who had the plans in Vanilla since they are no longer in game) and a blue one that drops in Molten Core.

These gloves have the best chance to drop off of Nefarian in Blackwing Lair at 1.3%. The auction house is your friend if you don't like to farm. I really love these gloves, and not so much for the color, but for the pretty designs on the part near the elbows. 
This belt is boring and ugly, but it goes well with the the set so I must include it here. It has a 1.4% chance to drop off Nefarian, and a bit less of a chance to drop somewhere off mobs in the Blasted Lands. It might be because I hate farming, but I don't recommend farming for the Hyperion pieces. To be honest, I'd farm minerals or herbs or whatever sells the best on your server and get rich. Then buy the pieces off the auction house :)

These leggings have a 20% chance to drop off Bael'Gar in Blackrock Depths, the level 50ish dungeon. I went back and got these when I was 85, but you can obviously go when you are level appropriate to farm for it if you like. Just beware that most people aren't cool with people rolling on gear for transmog...

As you can probably guess, these boots have the best chance to drop off---yep you guessed it---Nefarian! Again, the Hyperion gear is bind on equip so keep an eye on your auction house. 

Polearm- Flame Wrath
Flame Wrath is another drop from Blackrock Depths, only this item has a 21% chance to drop off Ambassador Flamelash. I ended up getting this when I was level appropriate, though I didn't need it since I dungeon leveled as heals. The DPS in the group already had one so I claimed it and saved it for a rainy transmog day. I really love how it is a trident. Now Midra just needs some bright red hair and fins...
As with all my sets, I adore it, but it is one of my very special sets because I did get the chest piece so randomly and after I had already given up on it :)

Have a wonderful weekend! 
<3 Nichole