Transmog: Aetta

Another week, another transmog set! I'm back to sexy bikini plate--but only because I couldn't hold it in any longer! A month ago I finally got Despair on my paladin!! *squeee* I really didn't need it; since I never play my retribution spec, but I had been doing runs of Karazhan for my rogue's new transmog set so I couldn't just pass up a chance at getting that sexy two-handed sword. Aetta's entire outfit is comprised of pieces from the Darkcrest/Boulderfist Plate set.

The shoulders pictures above are *not* the Darkcrest Pauldrons click the name below to see them
Shoulder-Darkcrest Pauldrons
The Darkcrest pauldrons have a .13% chance to drop in The Blood Furnace or Hellfire Ramparts. All of the darkcrest/boulderfist gear is bind on equip so check the Auction House daily if you want this set! Though, with transmog being so popular, expect the prices to be sky high. I've seen 1000 gold+ on my server. I'm not entirely thrilled about these shoulders, but they are the ones that go with the set and I can't find anything that looks better. I really don't like the grey color in them, it just doesn't mesh very well with the rest of the set :(

I really love this pieces pattern and design of the armor--the sides cut out is super cute.This particular piece has a terrible drop rate, and I know for a fact that I bought mine off the AH--but you would have a better chance working toward the Darkcrest Breastplate that has a 0.15% drop rate in the dungeons listed above.

Of course bracers are not a necessity for any transmog set (usually) and especially not for this one with how big the gloves are--but I saw these for 20 gold on the AH and just had to pick them up. Again, they have the best drop rate (0.12%)  in the Hellfire Peninsula dungeons. 

These gloves have a terrible drop rate, and again I got mine off the AH--but the Darkcrest gauntlets have a 0.12% drop rate in Hellfire Ramparts. 

Another Boulderfist piece, and surprise surprise it has a horrid drop rate! All I can say about this set is keep checking the auction house because you might get lucky! Or, you could try and farm for the Darkcrest Belt, which has the best drop rate of 0.13% in The Blood Furnace. 

These legguards have the best chance(0.12%) to drop in The Slave Pens or The Blood Furnace. 

The Slave Pens or The Blood Furnace are your best places to farm for these sabatons, with a drop rate of 0.14%. 

Two-Handed Sword-Despair
This sword is by far my favorite weapon in the game. It definitly isn't easy to get due to the fact that you may or may not get the Romulo and Julianne play in Karazhan. I, however, was lucky enough to get the play and the sword on my first attempt after decided to farm for Despair. The fight itself is very straight forward, just remember on the last phase that they both have to die at the same time. When you get the play, which is a one in three chance, the sword has a 32% chance to drop. 
rawr <3
Don't get discouraged at the low drop rates of the Darkcrest/Boulderfist pieces, I've heard people getting full sets within four runs of those two Hellfire Peninsula dungeons. Always keep a good eye on the AH too, you never know who might be selling one of the pieces you need for cheap!! I should also mention that there is of course a head piece to this set, but I would never wear it because for one thing it is super ugly, and it messes up her hair. I tend to steer away from cloaks on most of my toons just because I feel like it hides a lot of detail in the awesome sets I have. There is also a gold and red sister set to the Darkcrest plate for those interested.  

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!



A Screenshot Special: Cute Outfits!

I'm trying to get down a good pattern of when to post my blogs...so far I haven't been able to stick with anything too strict. I do know that I want to get back into doing a "screenshot of the..." but I haven't decided if I want to do of the week or of the month--I might shoot for monthy so I don't go through all my screenies too fast ;)

First off I just want to say that I'm super excited to hear that Mists of Pandaria is coming out on September 25th!!!


And yes I have already pre-ordered the digital copy from the battle.net. I decided on the regular version ($34.99) though--I just don't love the pet enough to buy the Collectors edition($59.99). There is something really weird about the face of the Lucky Quilen Cub, and I'm not paying extra money for a pet that isn't cute **pouts** Yes, yes I realize other things come in the CE but I'm not really interested in them. Anyway, you can buy it now, it gets charged now and you can pre-download it as well. It is a pretty good deal--I love this digital age we live in! No more standing in line for hours to get the boxed version, though I'm sure some people enjoy that part of it, I'm kind of an introvert and the prospect of standing in line waiting with a bunch of strangers does not appeal to me in the least!

Okay okay, now that I have all that excitement out--on to the cute outfits! I was pretty bummed to realize that when I moved my first night elf druid to Spirestone to become a troll...I randomly decided I didn't need her RP gear so I destroyed them. :/ She had a really cute green druidish set and a blue regal set that was her "scribe" outfit. Anyway I'm getting off topic! The following three sets are made partly from grays/whites that can't be mogged and other items that can be transmogged. Even though I don't play my horde on an RP server, most of my characters still have "RP" sets that can't be transmogged--it's just one thing I can't let go of!

My druid hung out with this little gnome quite a bit on Moonguard. This is Tinkerwatt and he is an engineer. I really enjoy that the shirt is a dark blue color that I would associate with an engineer/mechanic. It is actually a grey item that can be found off of a lot of mobs in the Burning Crusade zones. If you are interested in it you may want to check the AH though because the drop rate is 1.1% or less. The pants (to me) look gross and oil stained--so that is another good fit for this set. They are from the quest Back to the Chief! in Netherstrom; this quest is available to both factions. The goggles make me giggle--but as a gnome engineer they are a must. The goggles are from engineering at level 350 and they are bind on pick up. So if you want them start working on that engineering! The little wrenches he is holding in each hand are my favorite part of this set. The main hand is made by an engineer of level 50 with 6 copper bars. The second one is Shoni's Disarming Tool and is sadly no longer in the game :(

This is my friend's adorable auctioneer, "Penny" Gigglegears. Although this little gnome isn't mine--she is definitely one of the cutest little things I've ever seen. It's totally the pink pigtails and the fact that she is accompanied by an adorable white kitten. This set can actually be transmogged for those of you who want to have it. The shirt is a pink mageweave shirt that can be made by tailors of level 235 who have purchased the plan from Borya in Org or Outfitter Eric in Ironforge. The overalls (chest piece) are also made by tailors at level 100 and are actually a green item. The pattern can be purchased by Borya in Org, or Alexandra Bolero in Stormwind. Cute boots are so hard to come by in this game, but I feel like these boots go well with this set. They are from the quest Bigger and Uglier in Loch Modan.

This set I use on a daily basis for fishing. I think it is super cute and I simply adore the sandals. None of it can be transmogged though--so on a PvP server I am taking quite the chance of wearing this low level white set. I do want to note though, that if you are interested in this set--follow the links and go to "same model as" and you will find a few that look pretty close to it. :) Aurorie is wearing the Tattered cloth vest, pants and belt with cross-stitched sandals. The tattered cloth pieces can be purchased from the Cloth and Leather Merchants in Durotar, Tirisfal Glades, and Undercity. The sandals might be harder to get though, with a 6% drop rate and below. If you really want these you could check the AH too. Otherwise they are the exact same model as the Knitted Sandals that can be purchased from one of the many cloth vendors in either faction's major cities. For an added fishing effect, I like to use the fishing pole that I just got from grinding out rep with the Kalu'ak.

Happy Transmogging ^__^



Transmog Feature: Straia


This week we head back to Moon Guard for our next transmog feature. This week I'm featuring Straia the sexy night elf druid. I love this set for one big reason--it isn't a few pieces of one set with random parts...it is a bunch of random pieces to make a set. Don't get me wrong, I simply adore the full sets, but it takes a lot of time and research to find individual pieces that actually look really good together.

Shoulder-Dark Leather Shoulders
These shoulders are made by leather workers with the skill of 140+. The materials are pretty easy; 12 Medium leather, 1 Elixir of Lesser Agility, 1 grey die and 2 fine thread. If you don't have a leather worker or an alchemist you might have to get the leather and potion from the AH or ask people in your guild/trade chat. The shoulders are only level 23 though so you might even find them on the AH for pretty cheap.

Chest-Fizzle's Vest 

Fizzle's vest is obtainable from completing the alliance quest Deliver the Goods in Thousand Needles. You need have completed the two quests leading up to this quest and be at least level 38 to complete this quest. Don't fret if you aren't alliance; there are many other look-a-likes to this vest and in various colors as well! This is definitely one of my favorite leather chest pieces!

Bracers-Vigorous Bracers
If you are above level 55 you won't be able to get these particular bracers. The vigorous bracers have a chance of being contained in the Satchel of Helpful Goods that you receive after completing a random classic dungeon between the levels of 46-55. They will only drop for leather wearers.

Gloves-Blackened Defias Gloves
I remember a few years ago when the Defias Leather set was really big on Emerald Dream...any way! These gloves have a 2% drop rate from the Defias Overseers in The Deadmines (the level 15-16 one). Sadly, those of you who are interested in the entire Defias Leather set, the only items that are left in the game after the Cataclysm are the Leggings and the Gloves. Though there is a similar black set if you are interested. Just a note for any one who wants to farm these, there are only two guys that these may drop off and they are standing near a pipe between the Mast room and the Goblin Foundry. They are neutral though, so make sure you/the tank attacks them so you get a shot at your gloves.

Belt-Daggerfen Belt of the Bandit
This is a pretty elusive belt if you are trying to farm for it with a drop rate of 0.3%. You might have better luck looking for it on the auction house. However, if you are going to attempt to farm for it, you will have the best luck in the Blade's Edge Mountains off of the Raven's Wood Leafbeards or the Mature Cavern Crawlers. It also has a chance to drop in the dungeons Old Hillsbrad Foothills and Auchenai Crypts
Ah, a favorite of many Moon Guardians ;) Another item that has a cruddy drop rate of 0.3%. It has the best chance to drop in Wailing Caverns, Northern Barrens or Ragefire Chasm. Since it is Bind on Equip, you might want to check the auction house. Though if you are on an RP server...expect the price to skyrocket. A leather worker can also get the recipe for Warbear Woolies from Meilosh in Felwood. One only needs to be friendly with Timbermaw Hold, to purchase this recipe. So just do a few of their quests and kill some stuff and you'll be golden. As for the mats, you can farm them (all but the thread :P) in about 30 minutes in the Blasted Lands by killing Tainted Black Bears. You need 24 rugged leather, 12 warbear leather and 1 rune thread.

Feet- Drag Master's Boots
These boots are a reward for the alliance quest A Little Payback in Thousand Needles. You need to be at least level 38 to complete this quest. The horde also have the same quest, only their boots are called Rugfizzle's Boots.

Staff-Ursol's Claw
This staff has a 17% chance to be in the Reinforced Fel Iron Chest that you can open upon defeating Nazan and Vazruden at the end of Hellfire Ramparts. Though not pictured above, you can take a look at it on Straia's armory page.

I hope you enjoy this transmog set as much as I do--and as always leave a comment with your suggestions on what transmog sets I should feature next! I have a fun post planned out for next week on super cute outfits--some transmogable and some not. Have a wonderful week everyone!
teh elves


Giveaway Results: Sahara

Congratulations to Sahara on winning a companion pet of her choice from the Blizzard Store. It's hard to see below but I rolled a 2. (Sorry Kyle, only active accounts :P) I just want to thank everyone who took the time to enter! It really meant a lot to me. It was really fun hearing what companion pet is everyone's favorite. I'm thinking I might do another giveaway here in the next few months so keep an eye out for that one!

/roll 6 result: 2

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.