Transmog Feature: Geezix

Today's feature is on one of my favorite goblins, Geezix. This set might seem familiar because it is the sister set to the Primal Mooncloth set that I featured a few months ago. Geezix's set is a bit less of a headache to get though. To me, farming Burning Crusade materials to make a set is a pain in the rear (though I had tons of help so it wasn't too bad <3), with this set however, you are farming one raid for pieces that have a pretty decent drop rate. Even before transmog came out a group of us were farming the level 60 raids until each of us got our set; it was a pretty fun time. 
I'm kind of obsessed with the way gear looks on goblins. Besides the fact that they are like the cutest race in WoW, the gear looks really really good on them no matter if they are wearing a full robe outfit or a cute little bikini plate set. This is the Vestments of Prophecy set, it is the Priest Tier 1 Raid Set, and can be obtained entirely from Molten Core (if you want all the prophecy pieces.) The only downside, is that if you aren't a priest you can't wear it--you could always get the blue one though. ;)

Head-Circlet of Prophecy
This helm has a 20% drop rate off of Garr in Molten Core. 

This piece has a pretty decent drop rate of 34% off of Sulfuron Harbinger in Molten Core.

Cloak-Drape of the Righteous
This pretty white cloak drops in Karazhan, with a low drop rate of 0.6%, don't fret though, there are other white cloaks in the game.

This has a 25% drop rate off of Golemagg the Incinerator in Molten Core.

Main hand
The possibilities are endless with choosing a main hand weapon. The player of Geezix wasn't happy with what he is currently using so that is why one isn't showing in this blog. Personally, I would try and find something gold/red or maybe black/red. World of Wardrobes can help with options if you are curious. 

Off Hand-Lord Rottington's Pressed Wisp Book
A scribe level 475 can make this off hand with 10 resilient parchment and 20 volatile life. If you don't know a scribe, check the AH. There are all kinds of different books in WoW, so if you don't like this one, I'm sure you can find one to your liking.
Gloves-Ebony Flame Gloves
These gloves drop off of Ebonroc in Blackwing Lair with a 19% drop rate.

Historian's Sash is a quest reward from the quest Documenting the Timeways in Well of Eternity. This belt is part of the Whisperwind Regalia.

Another item from Well of Eternity, but this drops off of trash mobs like the Royal Handmaidens and the Dreadlord Defenders. It is bind on equip though so I would check the Auction house if you haven't had any luck with drops, as it is only a 1.1% drop rate. 

Even though this set doesn't use all the pieces of the prophecy set, I really like how it meshes together. Especially the gloves. Honestly, I don't think the Gloves of Prophecy go with the set at all. I like how the Ebony Flame gloves have that dash of red on black, it goes really well with the black orbs on the mantle. The belt used in this set works, since the set has both white and black it does complement the mantle, however, I do like the way the Girdle of Prophecy polishes off the set. I'm not the type that really cares about the boots, since no one really ever looks at them...but the ones in this set work really well. The Boots of Prophecy are a golden color, like the accents on the robe, which to me makes them blend in too much. The boots in the above outfit set it off just enough to make it look right. 
The two sets together
I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! 



Random Screenshot day

Nagrand, one of my favorite zones
So I've been keeping pretty busy between work and playing Diablo 3, so I thought I'd share a screenshot or two this week. I hope everyone had an excellent Monday! I'll be doing a transmog feature Sunday, possibly on another priest outfit--if not that-- more plate! 

I really love the reflection in this shot.


Transmog: Naeja

This is one of my more recently put together transmog outfits. Once I saw the cute skirt for this set drop, I knew I had to have the rest it for my druid. I don't have a matching belt or boots to go with this set, and the weapons aren't my favorites--but I enjoy the rest of the set. Since I'm on an RP server anyway, I usually walk around without the belt and weapons. I really love how the blue of it goes nicely with Naeja's cobalt hair. 

Shoulder-Ravenwing Pauldrons
These shoulders drop off of Lieutenant Drake in Old Hillsbrad Foothills. With a 19% drop rate, it took me a good twenty times of downing this boss to actually get them.

I actually ended up getting this on my first run of The Underbog, but it has a an 18% droprate off of Swamplord Musel'ek

The kilt drops off of Broggok in the Blood Furnace with at 19% drop rate. This was another one that I had to run a bunch of times before I was lucky enough to get it. 

I absolutly adore thse gloves because of the cute little moon on them. The kilt also has a matching moon, which is pretty much what made me realize I needed it ;) These gloves also drop in The Underbog, but they drop off Hungarfen with an 18% chance. 

This isnt really my top choice for a weapon, but when I put this set together I was just looking for something blue, and this was all that was on the auction house. This mace has a very very very low drop rate of 0.3% off of Rajah Haghazed in Zangarmarsh...my advice is if you actually want this keep an eye on the AH. 

Off Hand-Twilight tome
I simply adore the off-hand tomes in this game. Though this one isn't my favorite, I think it fits the with the blues. This particular tome is made through inscription at level 350. 

Helm- Raven-Heart Headdress
Though I don't have it--because I love my high-pigtails too much to cover them--this set has a really cute raven helmet that drops off of Shirrak the Dead Watcher in Auchenai Crypts. This has a 16% drop rate.

mow~can't post on a druid with out kitteh form ;)
This set is the Wildheart Raiment (Recolor), it is a Burning crusade dungeon set that only drops in the normal mode of the instances. Wildheart Raiment has two look-alike sets as well. One that is mostly purple, and one that is greenish. Both are pretty, but I like that this one is more subtly colored.  One thing about this set that annoys me is that it doesn't have a matching belt. I like the way the "belt" on the kilt looks, I wish that was available. But other people who have this set like the Waistguard of the Great Beast because it is blueish and has yellow "gems." Personally, I don't think the blue matches enough. But if you are interested-- it is sold in Shattrath City by G'eras for 312 Justice Points. 




Just wanted to let everyone know that I made some updates to my blog! I removed the screenies of my toons on the right hand side of the blog and moved them to the "My Characters" tab across the bottom of my banner.  I also added the "About Me," "Blogs I love to Follow," and "Sites of Note" pages...so go ahead and take a look! "Sites of Note" has a lot of really good World of Warcraft resources.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic week!



The Darkmoon Faire

The Darkmoon Faire only comes once a month, so it can be kind of annoying to try and "farm" for the pets, mounts, heirloom gear or replica gear that you want. But I think it is a nice little distraction for those of us who get bored with doing the same thing every day. The faire is full of quick little carnival games that you can do for 1 Darkmoon Faire game token. These games you can do daily while the faire is in town. Then there are the quests you can only complete monthly that are for your professions, the random PvP/Dungeon drops and the Strength quest. The monthly quests give out more prize tickets than the dailies. There is also a sort of death match arena towards the dock that anyone can enter (and get annihilated if you aren't geared.) Apparently if you win, you get a trinket, however, I don't know anyone who has won it. 

You can get to the Darkmoon Faire by talking to a Darkmoon Faire Mystic Mage in one of the main cities. Make sure you pick up their quest if this is your first time going--once completed it will give you a Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide (which you *need* see below). The mage will port you to the Darkmoon Faire Staging area (for 30 silver or less) where you just click the portal to go to the faire. I love the area of the faire, it is quite spooky and dark. Just follow the path down, and it will take you straight to the entrance. Grab some Darkmoon Faire game tokens from the goblin on the right as you walk into faireground. From there, I like to go down the line doing the quests. You can run down and turn your quest in, or just go along with the dailies--doesn't matter either way.

Daily Quests
The quests are daily through out the faire, each of the quests give 1 ticket for completion. 
  • It's Hammer Time 
    • "Whack-a-gnoll" It's pretty fun, just don't it the ones that aren't gnolls or it will stun you
  • The Humanoid Cannonball
    • You get shot out of a cannon and then try to land in the middle of the target in the water. (which is a bullseye worth 5 points) This one is annoying if you aren't good at judging when to drop. Sometimes you just have to do it a few times to get all 5 points.
  • He Shoots, He Scores
    • Most annoying little game, mostly because people always move their character around and stand on you so you can't see the targets. You don't have to move them, honest. Just point the gun at the target ;)
  • Tonk Commander
    • This one is pretty fun, you get to control a tonk truck to destroy targets--or other tonks
  • Target: Turtle
    • Basic ring toss, but onto a cute little turtle

Profession Quests
These are done monthly when the faire is in town. The number of them that you are able to do, depends on what professions you have. For example, Midaria only has Mining, Herbalism, and Fishing. So she is only able to do the quests below. However, if you have both your main professions, plus, archaeology, fishing, first aid and cooking you'll have 6 to do. Upon completion you get 4 Darkmoon Faire tickets, +5 skill points in what ever profession the quest was for and 1 game token. 

Midaria's Monthly Quests (example)
  • Rearm, Reuse, Recycle 
    • Pick up 6 tonk scraps 
  • Spoilin’ for Salty Sea Dogs 
    • Fish up 5 great sea herring--this is a great time to try for your Sea Pony.
  • Herbs for Healing 
    • Pick 6 Darkblossom 
Each month you can also pick up the Test Your Strength quest where you collect 250 "grisly trophies" from players or creatures that give you honor or experience. This quest awards 10 tickets.

While having your  Darkmoon Adventurer's Guide in your inventory, you have a chance to pick up one of many Darkmoon Artifacts in dungeons, raids and battlegrounds. These are quest items that you can either choose to complete, sell on the AH or trade with your friends. Upon turn in, these quests vary between rewarding 5 to 10 tickets. These are a very good way to quickly farm the tickets you need to obtain pets/mounts/gear. However, once completed, you can only turn in one of each quest per month. I've been keeping a bunch in my bank. 

Finally, the best part! As I've said before, you can purchase mounts, pets, heirloom gear or replica gear with the tickets you are obtaining. You can even sell the replica gear on the auction house...so those of you not interested in pets/mounts it is a pretty nice way to make some extra gold. The prices of the gear ranges from  55 to 160 tickets. The heirloom gear being the more expensive pieces. There are six pets and two mounts to choose from. Midaria has the turtle pet and just today got the Swift Forest Strider. The pets are 90 tickets each and the mounts are 180. 

Jub Jub 
There is also a "secret" frog pet. I didn't know about him when the faire first came out, but being a pet collector I started noticing other people having him so I did some research. He isn't too hard to obtain, you just need to be patient. For this to work, you need to have Dark Iron Ale. It is sold by Plugger Spazzring in Blackrock Depths. The good news is, if you are low level and can't go there or don't feel like going there, you can check the AH--or have a friend get it for you. /cheer for it not being soulbound. 

Talk to Morja at the Darkmoon Faire. Use the Dark Iron Ale mug by her feet. Jub Jub should come *eventually* without coaxing. However, if you have the time and ale you can go into the woods, find him, and lure him with the ale all the way back to Morja. (He tends to get distracted and hop in the other direction without the lure making it take quite a long time.) When he is close enough to her, she will have a quest for you to complete as long as you have 1 Dark Iron Ale to give her. I used up six for the whole process. To be safe I had nine mugs of ale on me. After completion of the quest, you get his "home." Jub Jub takes seven days to hatch.

Well this was a bit long winded, but a ton goes on during the week the faire is in town! Next week I'll be doing another transmog post, on my druid's gear.