Sporeggar's Tiny Sporebat

As I was leveling my paladin, Midra, through Outland I did a good handful of instances. One of them was the Underbog. In my many adventures there, I realized that at the rep gain you get is for Sporeggar (+21) AND Cenarion Expedition (+7). I was really excited to find this out because I've always wanted the Tiny Sporebat from them...but I had been too lazy to farm rep for it. But with the rep gain in that dungeon paired with picking up the Sanguine Hibiscus for the quest you can get to exalted rather quickly. What I did was run it a few times with a level appropriate group, then ran it a good 20 times with my level 76 friend (tank and heals worked really really well--both pallys.)

Midra with her Tiny Sporebat~Flick

The quest for Sanguine Hibiscus is picked up at the beginning of the instance from T'shu, with the other quest -givers. You don't need any certain rep with Sporeggar before you can get it; so that is a relief. The flowers can either be picked up (by anyone) or looted off the mobs. Doing this with one other person, and with me being the only one getting the flowers, I would get a good 20-25 flowers sometimes. We were also running Underbog and a few other Outland instances trying to get transmog gear, so this made it a little less boring. For turning in 5 hibiscus you get 750 rep--that is quite the rep increase from what it was before! I do apologize though, while I was doing this I didn't think of writing a blog about it so I didn't keep my exact info on how long it took :( You can also purchase the hibiscus from the Auction House. I did get lazy towards the end and bought my last leg of flowers from there. 

The second part to this is getting the currency it takes to actually purchase the sporebat after you get exalted. That currency is a glowcap--30 of them. I know right? As if being exalted isn't enough, you have to run around Zangarmarsh collecting these little things. They are not visible on the minimap if you have herabalism either and are obviously lootable by anyone. They too can be purchased from the AH if you are lucky enough to find someone selling them. It took me about half an hour to forty-five minutes to fly around and gather all 30 of these to make my purchase. I'd say totally worth it though--look at how adorable he is!

Tiny Sporebat
All in all, I think this is a pretty easy rep grind! Good luck to all who want this adorable little pet. Next week I will be featuring yet another plate set worn by the paladin Keledar. 

<3 Nichole


Transmog Feature: Dandranelle

This week I'm featuring Dandranelle, the warrior. So that means more sexeh plate gear ;). I simply can't get enough of all the bikini plate sets in this game. Dandranelle's set is one of my favorite sets out of all the ones I have seen so far; though I am probably biased because I absolutely love purple.

Helm and Cloak are hidden on this set, though if you are interested in finding something you should try using the color search options on WoWhead or World of Wardrobes.

Front shot of gear with shield, sword out

These shoulders can be quite a pain to obtain. They aren't crafted and their drop rate is below 3%. Don't give up hope though--always check your auction house. If you do want to try farming them, they drop in the Burning Steppes, Winterspring, Un'Goro Crater and a few other zones around the 45-50 range. 

As part of the Revenant Plate set, this piece is also hard to obtain. It has the best drop rate in Swamp of Sorrows, Un'Goro Crater and Winterspring. Check your auction house! Since transmog is out, I have noticed that even on PvP realms (as opposed to RP realms) the auction house is pretty full with tons of the good transmog sets, you just have to be patient if you don't want to farm. 

These gloves are from completing the quest "Wanted: Blacktalon the Savage" in Hellfire Peninsula. You need to be 58 to complete this quest. If you do it at 58, depending on your gear, you may want to bring a friend or two because the beast is level 63. Sorry alliance, this is a horde only quest. There are Revenant Gauntlets out there though! 

Side shot, perty sword
This is a Blacksmithing craftable. The pattern can be purchased from Okuno in the Black Temple. You need to be Friendly with the Ashtongue Deathsworn to purchase this pattern. (Can be achieved by doing Black Temple runs)  **Note** the pattern does bind when picked up--but the gear itself does not.

Another plan purchased from Okuno in the Black Temple. Only thing is with this one is that you need to be Honored with the Ashtongue Deathsworn.  **Note** the pattern does bind when picked up--but the gear itself does not.

More Shadesteel! Again, this plan is purchased from Okuno in the Black Temple by being Honored with the Ashtongue Deathsworn. Same note applies here as well. 

One-handed sword- Shadowrend Longblade
This pretty purple sword drops off of Watchkeeper Gargolmar, the first boss in Hellfire Ramparts. It has a 16% chance of dropping and it *only* drops on normal mode. 

Another front shot, I love how the shield sits sideways on the back
A unique purple shield that is only found in the Black Temple. I had the chance to help farm for this and honestly, doing Black Temple is pretty fun! We got lucky and it dropped the first time <3. It has a 16% drop rate off of Illidan Stormrage. As with all of Black Temple, this fight can be done with three 85's (and one level appropriate character) or 3 well-geared 85's. 

I hope you enjoyed this transmog feature. I had a lot of fun helping farm for the shield, and I hope that if any of you venture to the Black Temple, you have as much fun as I did. The player put a lot of time into taking the screenshots so I just had to use more than my regualr three in the post! I picked out my absolute favorites and uploaded a few here to show off a few action shots of the gear. 

Quick Note~This entire set has a "look-alike." All the pieces can be obtained, minus the shoulders, which are a world drop, by doing quests in Outland. If you are interested, the link above will tell you everything you need to know about which quests they can be obtained from. <3



Add-on Tryouts

After watching Panser's video on her add-ons I just had to try a few of them out! I might have actually tried all but one ;) Anyway, here we go!

I had been looking for a cutesy map add-on, and lo and behold SexyMap was everything I wanted. It has a handful of cute preset themes for the map and a TON of other options. My favorite themes are the Emerald Portal and Shamanism. With this add-on you are able to turn off all the buttons so all you see is the map--then when you hover over it you see the buttons (pictured below is the hover). I like to have a few of them on...like the clock, dungeon queue and new mail icon. Oh and coordinates!! I love that this map add-on has a nice little coords display. 
My Little Pony <3 on the left next to Recount and SexyMap up in the right corner (Emerald Portal)
I have a lot of friends that use add-ons for their bags but I had never seen a reason to use one. But after trying out Bagnon, I couldn't go back to the regular bag style! This add-on smooshes all your bags together giving you a nicer space to organize your loot, crafting mats, etc. You are also able to view your bank if you shift-left-click the little backpack on the bottom left hand corner of the bag display. Another feature I love about this addon is that if you hover over stuff in your bags, it will tell you which of your other toons has that item in their bags and how many. No more alt hopping to find all your stuff! This might be kind of silly, but I love how it keeps a running total of your gold on all your toons on that realm. It has other nifty options, but I haven't really looked too far into them (c'mon, defaults are okay too!)

I've had Quartz recommended to me by a ton of people but never tried it out because I really don't mind WoW's default cast bars. The Quartz cast bars are neat, and they are movable anywhere--so that is a really nice feature. I really love that add-on is shows you dots you put on enemies, and hots/buffs that you have put on allys--but don't worry it only displays them when you have that person selected. Yay for no clutter! 
Quartz castbar in the middle and Bagnon on the right hand side
Recently my friends and I picked up playing on Moon Guard again, which is an RP server. I loves the RP so I made sure to get MyRolePlay ASAP. I may not interact with a lot of people, but I like writing my character's back stories and reading what other people write (though some of them are just terribly written...*shrugs*) I simply adore this add-on. It has a lot of fun options, but not too many to where it is overwhelming to set up. It puts a tab on your character sheet where you can add all your info like, name, title, physical description, biography and so much more. It also has a nice little button that you can stick anywhere, though I like to stick it right on the portrait. When you hover over people you can see if they have MRP or the other add-ons that it plays nice with. Once you click on someone you are able to click the button and see their profile. One other thing I enjoy about this add-on is that when you use emotes or talk in say chat, if you have a title or a last name that shows up. So much fun. I've used this add-on in the past and really liked it, but somehow I missed it in my other post on add-ons. 
MRP edit screen on the left, MRP button on my selected character,
 the view screen of other players, the hover box (on the right)
Just to be silly I got the My Little Companion add-on that, yes, has my little ponies (omg squee). They are so adorable. I wasn't really going to use it, but then I realized how much fun it is to have this little prancing pony on your screen. I like to make them about 50% in size so they are kind small. Then it has this sizable area you can move anywhere--I like mine on the damage meter or on the chat dialog box. My favorites are Luna and Twilight Sparkle <3 I really wish this add-on had an option so your *companion* pets could be the cuteness walking around on your screen. That would be totally squee worthy.

Those are all the add-ons I have to report on at this time, but as I find new ones that I like/dislike I will post about them! All the add-ons in this post can be found at the Curse website. I hope everyone is having a good week! <3 Next week's post will be Dandranelle's transmogrification set! 



Transmog Feature: Fizzilla

Next up, we have the cute little goblin warrior, Fizzilla. This week I'll be talking about her fury dps spec, and in a few weeks, I'll go over her protection gear. I really enjoy this set because I am quite the sucker for bikini plate. This set is mostly composed of the Saltstone Plate; mixed with a few other pieces that went better with the over all aesthetics of the set.

Rawr! Bikini Plate!
Head-Overlord's Crown
~Unless you don't mind farming, I would watch the Auction house for this piece if you really want it. It has a 3% drop rate from about a billion different rare spawns (and mobs in, but not limited to: Stratholme, Zul'Farrak and Blackrock Depths) any where from level 36-50. Personally, I hate helms in this game usually, so I will turn them off most of the time. Especially when they change my characters hair O.o!

Shoulder-Temporal Pauldrons
~This has 15% chance to drop from the last boss in End Time, Murozond (level 85 Heroic).

~This cloak has a 13% chance to drop from the Royal Cache, the Queen Azshara battle in Well of Eternity. I really like the look if this cloak, and the little gem stoney thing towards the top. 

<3 Despair
~This armor set is sort of hard to get, I'd watch the Auction House if farming isn't your cup of tea. A 0.3% drop rate is not very much fun. Seems to have the best chance to drop in Dire Maul

~85 Heroic Dungeon quest reward in End Time. The quest is Archival Purposes. From what I know it is a pretty straight forward quest. 

~With a 0.18% drop rate--I'd still watch the AH for *all* the Saltstone pieces if that is what you are going for. Best bet: Dire Maul. 

~Another 0.18% drop rate, and you guessed it, best farmed in Dire Maul. 

~Another quest reward, but this time it is from Well of Eternity. The quest is Documenting the Timeways. You must do "Archival Purposes" from End Time before you can complete this quest. 

Two-handed sword-Despair
~Drops in Karazhan, from the Opera Event (5th "boss battle.") You have a 1 in 3 chance to get Romulo and Julianne. This sword has a 28% drop rate, when you actually get that play. (In case you were wondering, the other two plays are: The Wizard of Oz and Red Riding Hood)

Cute side shot
Two-handed axe-Ethereum Nexus-Reaver
This axe has a 22% drop rate from Doomwalker in Shadowmoon Valley. Fiz says he is there usually once a week. This axe is also BoE, so check the auction house!

Singing Crystal Axe is the axe showed on Fizzilla's Armory Page (A recent spur of the moment change.) 
This axe is quite the little bugger to get. It is an Outland world drop. Fizzilla got it in Hellfire Ramparts one lucky day. (It has a 0.07% drop rate...) You may be better off finding another weapon for this set or lookie on the AH if you don't mind paying a little gold for it.

I like this set because of the uniqueness of the Saltstone plate mixed with the End Game dungeon rewards/drops. I am also, in love with Despair. I for sure need to farm for that on at least *one* of my two-handed sword wielders. (The human paladin perhaps? *giggles*)  I hope you all found this helpful! Let me know if there is anything particular you want me to post on! Next week: "Add-on Tryouts" and the following week "Transmog Feature: Dandranelle."

<3 Nichole


Ding 25~Yay guild

Well we finally hit level 25 in our guild last night :) It was pretty slow going since only a handful of us play any more, but we finished it up by doing two of the dragon dungeons.

Yay for Mass Resurrection and the guild mount: Reins of the Kor'Kron Annihilator. I don't really like the way it looks, but I had to get it on just one of my characters. You have to be exalted with your guild to buy it, but it is Bind on Account so you can send it to your alts on that server. The cost is 1,350 gold, which I don't think is really all that bad for a mount that can be sent to any of your alts.  Since Aurorie is my mount collector--she's the one who got it. The alliance are lucky, they get a super cute lion.

Here's a side view of the little scorpion:

Have a great weekend everyone!
<3 Nichole