Transmog Feature: Shaavi

A few weeks ago I was farming charm bracelets in Icecrown with my friend Shaavi when I got to looking at her gear. I realized her transmog set was super cute...and then I got a great idea. I have decided to "feature" my friends' transmog sets since they work so hard on putting them together. (And the transmog posts seem to be doing the best on here). Here is what Shaavi, level 85 rogue has done for her transmog set:

It was during Love is in the Air, so yes those are rose petals
~Purchased from Baruma on Darkmoon Island with 75 Darkmoon Prize Tokens

~Drops off of the last boss in Mana-Tombs, Nexus-Prince Shaffar. It has a 17% drop rate according to WoWhead.

I'ma plant ;)
~This cloak is made by Leatherworkers of level 360 skill or higher. It can only be purchased from Apprentice Darius in the Deadwind Pass (at the entrance to Kara) The pattern IS BoP, so you need to be a leatherworker AND Exalted with the Violet Eye in order to purchase it. **Or just find a LW with the pattern ;)

~Also purchased from Apprentice Darius, exact same information as above, but it is a level 365 pattern.

~Also purchased from Baruma on Darkmoon Island with 55 Darkmoon Prize Tokens

Yep, she's an engineer
~A quest reward for The Cipher of Damnation-The Second Fragment Recovered, a the third quest in a chain that starts from Spirit Ar'tor in Shadowmoon Valley (need to be level 68 to start it)
~Also purchased from Baruma on Darkmoon Island with 75 Darkmoon Prize Tokens

~Drops off of Mother Shahraz in Black Temple. They have a 16% drop rate according to WowWhead.

And there you have it. I really enjoy this set, and how well the blues go together. Thank you Shaavi for letting me feature your set on here :) 

<3 Nichole


After 9 days...

Midaria with her Swift Lovebird
I finally got my Swift Lovebird. It is sooo adorable! Itcosts 270 of the Love Tokens. If you do the daily bracelet quest for all four capitols, plus the two daily quests, you get a total of 30 love tokens a day. In my guide I specified a particular spot that you can go to and farm with pretty much no competition. At least I didn't get any on Spirestone. 

Aetta with the rose
Still no luck on the Big Love rocket--though I don't really expect to see it in my Heart Shaped box . I've only seen one so far on my server. It sure is cute though. /pout. I have been doing the boss daily, on all of my 85's just to see if I'd get lucky. I have gotten some of the other fun drops though! I love the rose! (above) female characters wear it behind their ear, and male characters hold it in between their teeth. I really wish it could be transmogged that would make a cute addition to the set I currently have. I got the Toxic Wasteling (below) on Midaria and Aurorie so that's pretty sweet. It really makes me think of flubber. 

Midaria with her Toxic Wasteling
Don't forget that Undercity and Stormwind have love boats! Such a cute idea! Well maybe not so much in the gooey green of Undercity...but the one in Stormwind is pretty ;) One last thing, if you /kiss Kwee Q. Peddlefeet you get the Smitten buff that gives you +200 health. 

Sorry for the screenshot overload! I just adore this holiday!! 

xo Nichole

Next week: Transmog Feature: Troll Rogue, Shaavi
(promise I'll still do a Darkmoon Faire post...)


A Guide to: Love is in the Air

The Love is in the Air world event goes from February 5th through the 18th, according to the in game calendar. (I have seen it other places that say through the 20th~but I'm sticking with the 18th) This might be a busy week for some people as they are finishing up the Lunar Festival achievements and working on Darkmoon faire dailies. Love is in the Air is one of my favorite holidays, mostly because it is obviously for Valentine's day and I am quite the helpless romantic. Anyway, there is also pretty flowers and hearts everywhere. Oh yeah, and a love rocket. But we'll get to that later.

Midaria the Love Fool <3

As with all my holidays, I start out in Orgrimmar, because it is where my hearth is <3 Even though I've done this holiday on my mage, I decided to do it all again on Midaria for the purpose of doing this guide, and it was pretty fun to get the Love Fool title. (Much cuter than "Elder" imo) The main quest line for the event can be picked up from Detective Snap Snagglebolt to the right of Grommash Hold (when going in.) The quest line is pretty quick and fun~around 5-6 quests. But before you get all excited to start that one, grab the other daily quests from the goblins at the arch in between the Valley of Strength Auction house and Inn. You will get a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit that, as long as it is in your bags, will allow you to loot Lovely Charms. The lovely charms are needed to make Lovely Charm Bracelets for the daily quests of each capitol city. You will need to complete each capitol's daily quest at least once for the achievement Nation of Adoration. 

The Love Fool
  • Charming
    • Create 12 charm bracelets.
      • Lovely Charms can be "looted" (you really just get them sometimes, no looting needed--just don't have a full inventory) off of killing enemies that are "worthwhile" aka, not grey or a critter. The best place I've found to farm for these is in Icecrown at the Savage Ledge, a bit to the right of of The Shadow Vault. I farmed for an hour and 15 minutes (w/o anyone else there) and I farmed 160 charms. It takes 10 charms to make 1 bracelet. Twelve bracelets are needed for the "Charming" achievement. 
  • Flirt with Disaster
    • Get smashed, use perfume, throw rose petals on Jeremiah Peyson (or Sraaz if you are Alliance) and /kiss
      • I just used a few of the "strong alcoholic beverages" that can be purchased from the barmaids in the Goblin Slums to get smashed. The perfume (1 token for a stack of 5) and rose petals (2 tokens for 5 handfuls) can be purchased with Love Tokens from the Lovely Merchant at any of the Capitol cities. 
  • Dangerous Love
    • Do the main questline from Detective Snap Snagglebolt
      • Note on the quest chain, when you are told to go to the zeppelin he wanders a bit in that area, but I found him to the right of the Undercity zep, hanging out with some Tauren during the Lunar Festival
  • Nation of Adoration
    • Do the daily quests for each of the four capitol cities. (A Lovely Charm Bracelet for each)
      • Orgrimmar, Thunderbluff, Undercity and Silvermoon 
  • Sweet Tooth
    • Eat the candies from the Box of Chocolates (Purchased from the Lovely Merchant--10 tokens) Buttermilk Delight, Sweet Surprise, Dark Desire and Very Berry Cream. 
      • This one a bit of luck is needed. My first box didn't contain a Buttermilk Delight so I ended up buying another box. I'd also like to point out that you will need the Buttermilk Delight for the "Lonely" achievement so save it until you are ready to do that one. 
  • My love is like a Red, Red rose
  • Shafted
    • Shoot 10 players with Silver Shafted Arrows (5 tokens for 5 arrows) 
      • The player needs to not already have a non-combat pet out, I haven't tested what it does with a pet out as I didn't want to waste an arrow. 
  • Lonley
    • Eat a Buttermilk Delight in Dalaran on a Romantic Picnic (10 tokens) with another person. **IF one of your alts on the same server already has it, or your friends have it...don't waste the tokens on buying another one. You can just have them set it up and use it. If you are using your alt, just make sure you are in the same spot as where you will spawn when you log in.
  • The Rockets Red Glare
    • Shoot off 10 love rockets in 20 seconds or less
      • Buy from vendor for 5 tokens per stack of 5. I just put it on my second bar and spam pressed/clicked. Pretty easy. 
  • Fistful of Love
  • Stalking Stormwind
    • Handful of Rose Petals on:
      • Gnome Warlock
      • Human Death Knight
      • Orc Shaman
      • Undead Warrior
      • Blood Elf Mage
      • Dwarf Hunter
      • Orc Death Knight
      • Night Elf Priest
      • Tauren Druid
      • Troll Rogue
      • Draenei Paladin
    • I found this to be one of the more annoying achievments, but I guess it just depends on how many people are logged in, and what class/race combo is popular on your server. I ended up hanging out in Stormwind for a good hour waiting for the people I needed. Darkmoon Isle is also a good place to look, same with Dalaran if you dont feel like hanging out in the enemy city. 
  • Be Mine
    • Eat the eight heart candies from the Bag of Candies (2 tokens for 10 candies/charges) 
    • Another luck achievement, you could get them all in one bag or you could have to buy four like I did. 
      • Be Mine!
      • I'll follow you all around Azeroth ~ My fav ;)
      • All yours.
      • I'm all yours!
      • Hot Lips
      • You're Mine
      • You're the Best!
      • I LOVE YOU
  • I Pitied the Fool
    • /pity to a Love Fool (10 tokens for 1 fool) in the following zones:
      • Wintergrasp--doesn't have to be in progress, just make sure it says "Wintergrasp" on your minimap
      • Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena
      • Arathi Basin Blacksmith--just make sure it says "Blacksmith" on your minimap
      • The Culling of Stratholme--you need to be inside the instance
      • Naxxramas--you need to be in a raid group (only 1 other person needed) and INSIDE the raid
    • For this achievement you can use another person's too, so if you have a group of friends doing it, see if each of you can just buy one and then go together to /pity them. Saves each of you 30 tokens ;) Or if someone puts it down in Arathi or Wintergrasp, use theirs.  
Aurorie's gas mask
And, last but not least, the holiday boss fight! Much like the Brewfest holiday boss, you can que for it as many times as you want, but you only get the special box once a day. The heart shaped box has a chance to drop some fun things, including a gas mask, a rose, a slime companion, a "heartbreaker," and a BIG LOVE ROCKET. Oh how I want the rocket. The Crown Chemical Co. is quite the easy fight, you pick up some perfume/cologne and use them (read the tooltips) and then it is pretty much a tank and spank fight. I haven't even had to use either of the liquids~the bosses go down pretty fast. If you aren't very well geared, a neck piece drops off the boss ilevel 346, so depending on gear, it may be an upgrade! 

Hanging with the goblins of "Love is in the Air"
Now that I have my title, there is still a good 12 days for me to farm charms for the daily quest to work towards the Truesilver Shafted Arrow, aka--Peedlefeet, the event's purchasable pet. He is 40 love tokens. The other item worth purchasing is the Swift Lovebird, which is 270 tokens. Quite the spendy little guy but he is a mount, and I have yet to see anyone with him on my server. 

I hope my guide helped you through, Love is in the Air. Comments are appreciated, I'd like to know what I'm doing well and what I can change in future guides! 

xo Nichole