Screenshot of the Week-Queen of Alts

Perty birdy
Not an hour after my priestess Midaria reached level 84, I had already made this toon. My latest obsession, Naelah, the Unholy Death Knight. I do have plans on making her a Blood Death Knight to attempt at tanking but that wont be for a while. I haven't found any new gear for this set, its going to be even harder to gear her for tanking, specially since I don't have that legacy gear. I will touch on her gear later, as I do not have her full transmog set finished yet, I will say though the grey/black pieces are from the starter DK set. Her mount is a DK only mount--it can be purchased at Acherus, The Ebon Hold from Dread Commander Thalanor. I am still pretty noob at playing DK, but slowly I am getting it and it seems pretty fun. :)

Also, I have finally been doing something with the tons of screenshots I always take. WoWhead has this neat feature to where you can actually upload screenshots (I had no idea any one could do it) they have to be approved and all that jazz, but it is pretty neat to have a few of my screenshots used as the "sticky" picture.

Hope everyone is having a good week! 



Lunar Festival

Today the Lunar Festival started all across Azeroth~a time where you shoot off lots of fireworks and pay a little respect to your Elders. And I mean...all of them. The achievements for this holiday are a little time consuming, and require a bit of patience but the whole lot of them can be done in a day if you really want to. So that is what I did today on my priest. I spent the morning flying around Kalimdor stopping at all of the Elders. In the afternoon, one of my awesome friends helped me do the dungeon elders (that takes quite a bit of time...lots of flying across continents involved~thank goodness for mage portals and "has group will travel.") Then this evening I finished up Northrend, Eastern Kingdoms and the Cata zones I missed--followed by killing a giant demon dog and shooting off fireworks. 

Yay Lunar Festival! (See the cute lantern! omg.)
Lunar Festival How-To:
At first, I was going to skip doing the achievements for this holiday, mostly because it involves a ton of flying around. Then...I found out that there were new pets. Well I couldn't skip it after I found THAT out. So I set out this morning to meet the elders of Kalmindor. First, get the quest from a Lunar Festival Herald, it is an introductory quest that will bring you to the Lunar Festival Harbinger--for this quest all you have to do is buy some rockets and shoot them off--then bam you are invited to the Lunar Festival Celebration in Moonglade. Once you have that you can either do the quests in Moonglade, or start out on your trek to meet the elders. 

When you talk to the elder, they have a quest (you just have to complete it) you receive a coin of ancestry The coins can be used to purchase things such as: a new vanity pet (50 coins of Ancestry), fireworks, some crafting plans (Fariel Starsong) and festival finery. I started in Org and worked my way down and around, and back up finishing in Azshara. You could mostly follow flight paths, but I stumbled upon the WoWhead Lunar Festival guide--so that is what I followed. All their guides are really well put together. For me it was easiest to do Kalimdor, then Eastern Kingdoms--I started out in Stranglethorn and worked my way up and around (doing the Cata zones while there) and then going to Northrend. WoWhead has their maps set up to where you can actually click the pins of where the Elder is located and it will open a new tab with their exact location (if you don't want to just fly around looking at the map. I found it easiest to just follow the map, but it is easier for me because I have two monitors. Anyway, I did find a few of the elders to be tricky to find:
  • Meadowrun is in the Western Plaglands at the Weeping Cave. 
  • Thunderhorn is in Un'goro outside the Silithid cave--on a bug mound
  • Primestone is in Silithus in the Crystal Vale
Chilling with Geezix in Loch Modan, looove the sky here!
For the dungeons part, I think it is easiest to go with a friend, I supposed depending on what level/class you are you may not actually need someone to go with you. As I just dinged 85, I was still quite squishy and enjoyed the company of my warlock friend :) Another *huge* bonus to doing this achievement is that you get 34,500 experience per Elder (I was 84 at the time). I got 5 bars from just the elders and finished off my last two bars doing randoms. 

Lunar Festival achievements for the "Elder" title:
  • Elders of Cataclysm
  • Elders of Kalimdor
  • Elders of Eastern Kingdoms
  • Elders of Northrend
  • Elders of the Horde
    • Elder Darkhorn--By the flight master of Org
    • Elder Ezra Wheathoof--Elder Rise, Thunderbluff
    • Elder Darkcore--Ruins of Lordaeron Throne Room, Undercity
  • Elders of the Alliance
    • Elder Bladeswift--Cenarion Enclave, Darnassus (by the O in Cenarion)
    • Elder Bronzbeard--Mystic Ward, Ironforge
    • Elder Hammershout--At Stormwind City's Gates, Stormwind
  • Elders of the Dungeons
    • Elder Farwhisper--Stratholme--North section of Festival Lane by the The Unforgiven
    • Elder Morndeep--Blackrock Depths-- in the Ring of Law
    • Elder Starsong--Sunken Temple--to your left as you walk out of the entrance (when you first get in the instance)
    • Elder Stonefort--Lower Blackrock Spire--Near the first bridge
    • Elder Splitrock--Maraudon--Tunnel between Rotgrip and the Tinkerer Gizlock
    • Elder Wildmane--Zul'Farrak--Gahz'rilla's room
    • Elder Chogan'gada--Utgarde Pinnacle--Under the stairs after Skadi the Ruthless, just jump through the hole in the stairs
    • Elder Igasho--The Nexus--to the right of Ormorok the Tree-Shaper's ramp
    • Elder Jarten--Utgarde Keep--After Prince Keleseth
    • Elder Kilias--Drak'Tharon Keep--King Dred's den, can be done without killing him
    • Elder Nurgen--Azjol-Nerub--After Hadronox, to the left after you fall
    • Elder Ohanzee--Gundrak--Behind the Drakkari Colossus
    • Elder Yurauk--Halls of Stone--On the way to Krystallus
  • Lunar Festival Finery
    • Purchase a gown or suit from Valadar Starsong in Moonglade~5 coins of ancestry
  • Frenzied Firecracker
    • Shoot off 10 frenzied firecrackers in 30 seconds or less~purchased about from a Lunar Festival Vendor located in Orgrimmar, Undercity, Thunderbluff, Ironforge, Darnassus or Moonglade
  • 50 Coins of Ancestry
    • Obtained from talking to the elders
  • The Rockets Redglare
  • Elune's Blessing
    • Stand near him when he is dead (you will see a moon beam)~you don't have to be the one that kills him, just stand in the beam and you will get the Elune's Blessing buff. 
Sunset in Burning Steppes, after a long day

None of the achievements above are very difficult to complete, just time consuming. With the elders, I also found it helpful to have the achievement I was working on show up on the right of the screen~as a tracked quest. Then you can just glance at what direction you need to go in. I had a lot of fun completing this achievement, I hope you enjoy it too! Happy Lunar Festival! 
~Nichole <3


Transmog: Midaria

Just wanted to upload a few pictures of Midaria's finished transmog outfit, seeing as I got the last piece on Wednesday when we killed KT in Naxx (I can't believe it dropped! I nevar get that lucky!) Anyway, here it is:
Rawr priest <3
I simply adore this crown. Mostly because it is the perfect shade of blue, so it isnt too gawdy, but still noticable. The mace I got from doing an escort quest in Zangarmarsh. The quest is Fhwoor Smash! and can be obtained from Fhwoor in Sporeggar. My off hand is a cute little lamp--the Bioluminescent lamp that drops in Throne of Tides on Normal mode out of Neptulon's Cache. I really like the way the blues of this outfit go together. The rest of her gear is described in a previous post.

Just for fun. Hanging in the reefs. (Creeper on the right...) Throne of Tides is so pretty!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
xo Nichole


Screenshot of the Week

I've been leveling my holy priest, Midaria, with some friends and we just finished up the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. I'm kind of sad because Wrath is my favorite. I loved the zones, I loved the dungeons, I even like the raids~and I'm not that much of a raid person. Funny thing is I found that I enjoyed the troll dungeons most, Drak'tharon and Gundrak (I usually can't stand anything troll...) I hate hate hate Culling of Stratholme, mostly because it turns me in to a silly human...but also because the mechanics of it are just annoying, running back and fourth to find the mobs and listening to Arthas. I really enjoyed The Oculus, because it is so different from your general type of instance. 
Chillin' in Gundrak
Now we're moving on to Cataclysm; which isn't as fun as Wrath, but still quite fun and still kind of new. I'm looking forward to doing some of the cata dungeons on regular...since when I leveled my shaman I was too afraid to do any of them. 

Hope everyone has a good week! Post on Darkmoon Faire coming up in a few weeks!



Sea Pony

Aurorie with her Sea Pony (also note my cute fishing outfit)
Just wanted to share really quick that I got this adorable companion pet on my first cast. He can be fished up off the shores of the Darkmoon Faire (you take a portal to there from Mulgore.) I started out by doing some of the quests at the faire but then got distracted by the sea pony pet that I kept seeing people have...so I grabbed my fishing garb and set out to get him. I picked up the quest you can get at the faire for fishing (will post later) and headed to the docks. From what I know, you don't need to do the quest first, though I started it anyway just in case. I have heard that fishing skill level does not matter and it can take any where from 1 minute to 3 hours of fishing to get this pet. Getting it on my first cast, was extremely lucky~good start to the new year! ;)

Happy farming!

xo Nichole

P.S. I promise I will *eventually* post on the Darkmoon Faire, I just figure it will be around for a while so no rush.


Primal Mooncloth Set

After much anticipation, I hit 70 yesterday on Midaria. Very exciting time because she can now wear her transmogrification set. As I discussed in the previous post, she is wearing the Primal Mooncloth Set. I chose this set because It looks like something a holy priest would wear. Very different from the skimpy outfit she wore from 50-70 (pictured on the right).
Priestess Midaria
I absolutly adore the colors of this set, and I like how the shoulder pattern a lot. Her staff is Guiding Stave of Wisdom from Blackrock Depths--drops off of the very last boss; Emperor Dagran Thaurissan. I like the way it looks with this outfit, but at 85 I will most likely have a main hand/off hand. Which I don't mind I'm sure I could find a cute book or something OR I could use this super adorable wand. That drops in one of the many Outland Instances (looks like any of them aside from the ones in Netherstrom)

Moonshroud Gloves
Enumerated Bracers
This set is three peices, shoulders, robe and belt. Currently I have my helm hidden, but like I said in my last post I will be getting a halo from KT in Naxx (well the token anyway.) Depending on what gloves you choose the bracers may or may not show. Sadly, the gloves that I farmed a bit to make don't let me see the bracers :( I chose the Moonshroud Gloves which can be made by a tailor of 440 skill level. The pattern is taught by a ton of NPCs follow the link to see where you can learn it.

If you don't like those gloves, you could go with these bracers and use a smaller version of gloves (ones that don't go over the sleeve. I am currently wearing Enumerated Bracers with Black Mageweave Gloves

As for boots, currently I plan on using whatever I find while leveling, and then at 85 I'll either find some white slipper-ish looking boots or maybe black, I think even the right shade of blue may look good. I feel like you don't really see the feet much so I'm not to worried about it. 

Happy Transmogging!

xo Nichole