Aetta's Holy Transmog Set: Judgement Armor (Recolor)

I always grow a little lazy around the holidays, thus this post is a week or so late--sorry about that! I hope you enjoy it just the same and I hope to have another transmog feature up around the beginning of the year.

Aetta with her new favorite pet, Kirby the Civet
Aetta has quite a few transmog sets. My latest obsession has been getting her a new holy set, since her skimpy bloodscale outfit (which will be in another post) just wasn't appropriate for healing. This gorgeous purple set, known as the Judgement Armor (Recolor),can be farmed from the heroic dungeons of Burning Crusade (with the exception of the mace and shield). After farming for this set over the last month, I've really come to hate farming heroic dungeons for gear. Silly once a day lock ;_;. Something wonderful about this set is that it *isn't* just for paladins. Any plate wearing character can wear it at the appropriate level. Though I honestly think it looks the best on a female blood elf holy paladin :D

Anyone who has read my transmog features on A Goblin’s Tale must have figured out by now that I won’t have a headpiece showing--unless it shows my character’s hair. The Mask of Penance covers the whole head so I wasn't interested in it, but for you completionists out there you can get it in The Steamvault off of Mekgineer Steamrigger; it has a 25% chance to drop. I think this is a very unique looking headpiece, and even though I won't wear it, I do like the way it completes the set.

Shoulders-The Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons are a little too big for my liking, but since they go with the set I will use them--I couldn't really find any other pretty purple shoulders to match either. I do like the little swords that are on top of the pauldrons. They can be found in Hellfire Ramparts, they drop off Omor the Unscarred with a 13% chance.

Chest-I really love the look of this breastplate. Probably just because it is purple--but it is quite simply gorgeous! I especially enjoy that the sleeves are about half length so her arms show a little bit. The other thing I actually really enjoy is the dark part that goes up her neckline like a turtle neck. Though I do love her skimpy outfit, she looks kind of regal all dressed in this purple set. The Breastplate of Many Graces can be farmed in Shadow Labyrinth. It has a 19% chance to drop off of Grandmaster Vorpil.

Hands-The Life Bearer’s Gauntlets have a 17% chance to be looted out of the Reinforced Fel Iron Chest at the end of Hellfire Ramparts.

Bracers-Since the chestpiece of this set is kind of short sleeved, and I like the look of the bare skin between the sleeves and the gloves--I just used the bracers I had in my bag. Of course you can get the legit bracers from The Blood Furnace off of Broggok. They have a 16% drop rate. Honestly though, I just don’t see the point when they aren't going to show anyway.

Belt-This belt is really pretty. I like the design on the front of it and the little loops that go around the waist. The Girdle of Many Blessings can be farmed in the Slave Pens. It has a 14% chance to drop off Rokmar the Crackler.

Legs-I simply adore that I am a plate wearing paladin and I can look like I am wearing a robe. The Cassock of the Loyal is one of my favorite pieces in the game. Obviously since it goes with the set it is a perfect match. It has a 13% chance to drop off Hungerfen in the Underbog. Of course this is the piece that took me the longest to farm. I was so excited once I got it and began looking for a mace and shield to match the very next day.

Feet-Boots of the Watchful Heart are the boots that go with this set. They have a 15% chance to drop off Captain Skarloc in Old Hillsbrad Foothills. I found this to be the most annoying piece to farm for due to the annoying boss you have to fight before hand and the escort part you have to do with Thrall.

Mace-Thanks to the help of my favorite tank, I was able to get the Scepter of Power in two painless runs of Halls of Origination. It has a 28% chance to drop off Setesh, so you do need to do most of the dungeon, but we easily two-manned it with a well geared tank and a decently geared healer. This mace does drop on both normal and heroics modes, which is really nice.

Shield-When I first started putting this set together, I had my heart set on the Bulwark of Azzinoth in Black Temple. My friend and I ran it once to try and get it, but of course it didn't drop. So I thought I would check out the AH to see if there was anything I could use in the meantime. Then I found this little gem. It was only up for 200 gold so I snagged it right away. I’m in love with the way it matches the set. I think it fits my dainty little elf quite well. The Steadfast Buckler has the best drop rate off of Gibblesnik, a rare in Thousand Needles. I would farm the AH over the rare though, because it only has a .3% drop rate.

rawr panthers *a special shout out* to Dandranelle for halping me complete my set <3
I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Happy transmogging!
<3 Nichole

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