Favorite MoP Zones Screenshot of the Week style

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was extra long due to Thanksgiving and having black Friday off so it was quite wonderful ;) 

For this week's screenshots of the week I wanted to point out two of my favorite zones. The first is Valley of the Four Winds. I love that there is so much *green* in this zone. Of course it makes sense because it is, after all,  the farming zone. I also saw for the first time this weekend that there are actually thunderstorms that pass through. I was even lucky enough to catch some of the lightening. Thunderstorms are one of my favorite things, so of course a zone that has them will reach the top of my favorites. 

Aurorie on her cloud serpent flying near Halfhill
Aetta, on her Sapphire panther near Temple of the White Tiger--see the baby sapphire cub?! /dies of cuteness
 My other favorite zone is Kun-Lai Summit--particularly this area near the Temple of the White Tiger. I love how there are so many pretty things in one screenshot. I absolutely adore the buildings here. I'm in love with the mountain/cloud scene and I can't get enough of the trees, especially . I didn't actually quest in Kun-Lai this time around, but I did on my mage and it was pretty fun.

What is your favorite MoP zone?

Have a fantastic week!

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