Favorite Transmogrification Websites

I've been pretty busy this week looking up options for transmogging on my little priest. With some help I have finally finished pulling together my set. I decided on the Primal Mooncloth set that can be crafted by tailors of skill level 375. The patterns can be purchased from Ainderu Summerleaf in Dalaran or Nasmara Moonsong in Shattrath. The materials are a huge *pain* to farm, but with good friends it can be done in a day :)

Since I'm not 70 yet I can't show off how it looks, but later I will. I also wanted to mention that I will be using the shoulders and belt for that set. I won't be using the helm that matches, which is the Whitemend Hood that is also crafted. Though that recipe is a bit harder to get--its from The Botanica and it drops off of Warp Splinter at a 1.7% drop rate. Noooot something I want to farm, or gather materials for. So I found this: Heros' Crown of Faith which is purchased with a token that drops from KT in Naxx. It is a blue-ish halo, and I am really excited about it because it is very subtle. Once I actually am able to wear the set I will go through the rest of the pieces. 

Transmog can be kind of frustrating, especially when looking for that perfect piece of gear that goes with the rest of your set just fine. That is why I've decided to pull together the sites that have really helped me find what I am looking for. (No particular order) 

WoWhead's Transmog Sets
Has all the sets you need, with a ton of different search options. Always my first stop. 

Disciplinary Action~A World of Warcraft Resource and Comic
An illustrated guide to Cloth, Leather and Mail (plate coming soon)

Icy Veins
Pretty sure this site has everything~You can look at the different pieces individually, like all staves or you can look at individual sets, like tier or greens. 

I'd have to say this is my second favorite website, mostly because you can search by COLOR. I've been wanting to do that since I started my transmog search. 

WoWRoleplay Gear
This site mostly focuses on the 'stylish' sets~but still very helpful 

I hope these links help you with your search for transmog gear! 

xo Nichole


Feast of Winter Veil

I hope everyone has had a chance to check out all the fun things that are going on for the Feast of Winter Veil! Father Winter brought presents for all in WoW so don't forget to go claim yours! I haven't done anything with Winter Veil yet because I have been playing my priest <3 I might look into it next week though as it goes from December 15th to January 2nd. No guide this year~but I did do that on purpose, I don't really want to do every single holiday every single year. Perhaps next year. If you are looking for a guide, check out the link above; WoWhead always has great guides.

Priestess Midaria
Happy Holidays everyone!

xo Nichole


Transmog: Katorie

When I first thought about transmog for my rogue, my thoughts went immediately to something black...I did end up putting together a pretty decent dark/black set but it wasn't the set I ended up sticking with (seeing as I only have one set of gear.) When I saw the Netherblade set in Shattrath...I fell in love. 

Not only is it purple, but it has a super adorable chest piece and the helm reminds me of something one would wear to a masquerade ball. This set is purchasable in Shattrath from Arodis Sunblade (Scryer) with tokens from Burning Crusade raids. The tokens are found as follows: 

Sadly I don't have any weapons that I like enough to transmog into so I'm just using silly gear from heroics/raids. 

I *think* the cloak pictured above is from Wrath, but I can't be too sure, I sort of sold it when I got Cloak of the Banshee Queen from End Time. Which looks pretty darn cute with the set imo. It has a cute little gem towards the top that really goes well with the green in the gear. Loves it. Anyway, time to go play my alts <3

Happy Holidays~


Transmog: Midori

Teh matching shields
With the help of some friends, I can finally say I've done the new 4.3 instances. I feel pretty meh about them. Maybe it is just because I haven't played them enough to get into them--I dunno. I really didnt like the way my rogue looked at a night elf...I don't really care for instances that change my characters appearance. *coughs* Culling of Stratholm. I also have horrible luck with gear. I bring my shammy, leather gear drops---I bring teh rogue and my shaman gear drops. /sigh

I'm not really a fan of the new raid either, though I've only done four bosses so far. I just didnt really care for it, mostly because your in one of those silly belly things with the tentacles and globby guys. 

Since Midori is my "main" I will share her set first. This little shaman is running around with the Wrathful Gladiator's Earthshaker set that you can get for cheap(ish) honor points. I spent two days farming (in little to no PvP gear) and it really wasn't that painful. Tol Barad is a good place to go if you are attacking and have the weekly quest. All together I think it was *around* 7,000 honor. When I first started looking for transmog gear I thought it would be really fun to do a green set. Then I got my green set, which is the Steadfast set, and I got really bored with it. It was kind of cutesy but I really like the colors in the Wrathful set--I loooove the shoulders especially. I didn't waste time getting the hat because my pigtail braids are just too darn cute to cover with a silly looking hat. 


I really really love the shield that goes with this set. I loved it in Wrath on my holy pally, and I think it looks equally cute on my little shaman. It goes pretty well with the gear set as well. I adore the blue color of the shield--and it makes Midori look pretty fierce, wouldn't you agree? ;)

Happy Transmog!