Screenshot of the Week~Thankful

Since it is Thanksgiving day (well was...) here in the US I thought it would be appropriate for me to do a quick thanksgiving theme SotW :) Two things that I am most thankful for in the World of Warcraft are mounts and having a truly amazing group of friends in the guild. Just over the last few years of playing with these people I have made quite a few strong friendships that I am really thankful for.

Screenshot Courtesy of Azaxel
The majority of us had Thursday off, so we raided Wednesday night like we usually do but we raided from 9-1 instead of our usual 9-11. It was really fun doing all the bosses in Firelands and even attempting Ragnaros.

Screenshot courtesy of Azaxel, my favorite troll
But, friends and raiding aren't all I have to be thankful for in World of Warcraft. This morning Marcus and I decided to do a troll. That's cool right, maybe be in for half an hour ish? Yeah...right. I think it took like an hour and a half, 3 dps and 2 tanks to get through ZA. It. sucked. BUT I did end up getting exalted with the Ramkahen so now Katorie has an adorable (or two) camels to ride around on. It is actually quite a feat for me because I haven't been playing her all that much, so to be exalted from mostly running heroics/trolls is pretty awesome.

Also, the Pilgrim's bounty is going on now, from November 20th to the 26th. Sadly I haven't participated at all--mostly because alot of it has to do with cooking and I just don't have the patience for that. Maybe next year I will focus and put together a post ;) For now you can go to WoWhead and use their super awesome guide. I did get turned into a turkey today, while I was mounted on a dragon. That looked pretty fun, then in ZA, while I was still a turkey I was doing all my rogue-ish abilities and killed a mob as a turkey. I wanted to do the whole instance that way--but it wouldn't let me mount back up. :( So I had to take off the turkey buff and proceed as a goblin. Uguu~

Peace! (or not)



Despair~SotW Transmog edition

After 13 weeks of doing Karazhan to with my boyfriend so he could get Despair (among other transmog gear we were searching for) he has finally gotten it! 

Fizzilla decked out in transmog gear, with Katorie
I must admit I am a little bit jealous--that is one sweet looking sword. Of course now I want to try and get it on my pally :) Only thing is, you don't *always* get the Romeo and Juliet play, so it makes the chances of getting it a bit steep. But with a 26% drop rate if you actually get that play...I'll take my chances. 

I'm almost done getting my transmog gear from there on my rogue. Man getting all this transmog gear is hard! I sort of forgot about my shaman too, so tonight I did a bit of research and found a cute set that I am going to go with for her healing set. I'm not gonna share what it is just yet, I wanna finish getting the full thing first.

How is everyone else's search for transmog gear going? I wanna see pics!! 

Also, check out what wowhead did for transmog--pretty freaking awesome

PEACE! (or not)


Critter Kill Squad

We finally did it! We got the achievement for killing 50,000 critters! Kinda makes me feel a little bad inside...until I look at my armadillo*squee.* You have to be revered with your guild in order to buy him though. He is also an expensive little guy--300 gold. Binds on pick up. I wish I could buy one on my main and send it to my alts. He is just *that* adorable.

If you want to obtain this too, the best place to kill critters is in the Eastern Plaguelands, in a cave towards the northwest corner along the river.

Good luck!

Midori with her Armadillo pup <3
Peace, or not!


Guardian Cub Released

The time is finally here! The Guardian Cub has been released in the Blizzard Store! You can get him here. The cost is $10 USD. However, you have to decided *which* character you want to have him on because this little guy is bind on equip. Well after 24 hours. See what happens is you have to choose who you want it sent to before you even buy it. It gets sent to that toon after about 15 minutes (they say it can take up to 3 days for delivery). Once you get it you can either use him (right-click) or wait the 24 hour cool down. After that 24 hours you can send him to one of your other characters or sell him on the auction house. It was a tough decision, but I finally ended up giving him to my rogue, Katorie.
He does the *cutest* animations!
Welp, time to go do the dishes. /cry I'm so domesticated.

Peace!(or not)