Screenshot of the Week: Hallow's End edition

After going to every candy pot in Azeroth and beyond, I finally allowed myself to buy the feline familiar :) She is 150 tricky treats. You actually get that much from doing all of Northrend, Outland and the Cataclysm zones(and like 5 from Azeroth.)

She is quite adorable! I love how she sits on a broom. It makes me sad though that the broom I have is only able to be used during Hallow's End :(

I really liked the masks this year. They fixed them up so you can wear them over your helm, they are more like a buff actually. This year, Katorie was a worgen rogue for Hallow's End!

Happy Hallow's End!



Hallow's End

Adorable decorations!
Hallow's End started on Tuesday and I have been so busy with work and such that I am just getting to blogging about it now. /shrug at least there is still a week and some until its over on Halloween. I am going to warn you right now--this is going to be a ridiculously long blog because I am going to go over each of the achievements as well as other things. I love love love this holiday. Irl and in-game. The decorations are enough to make me squee. Not to mention the adorable pets that you can get. Oh and you can also throw stink bombs at the Stormwind (and...clean them up in Undercity.) And eat candy...lots of candy until your pixelated belly aches. But don't eat all of your candies right away! Some of them you need for the achievements and tricky treats are used as currency. But before we get into that I want to go over some of the bigger changes I noticed from last year when I did it on Aurorie. 

I don't remember if it was like this last year or not, but you can do the Headless Horseman mini-dungeon as many times as you want--to get the rings. (You get a "loot filled pumpkin" your first time daily) Before you only got five shots a day. 

Tricky treats actually do something now!! Aside from being part of an achievement--they are used to buy Hallow's end companion pets, wands and other things. You can go to Undercity to see everything that they sell. I know for sure you can buy the companion pets and some other things from Chub.

A big change is that you used to be able to trick or treat every hour with an inn keeper--that has now changed to you only being able to trick-or-treat and each participating inn's candy bucket. I kind of feel like that is a huge downside to those who don't want to fly all over Azeroth for some tricky treats and a chance at something cool--but it is what it is. At the treat buckets you get a -treat-a handful of candy--and sometimes you get -tricked- getting turned into a something fun for 30 seconds or turned into a costume for an hour. Its kinda fun :)

Giant pumpkin in Undercity
Enough about last year! Lets talk about this year. Since I did everything on Aurorie last year, I decided since I wanted to write this blog I would do it all again on Katorie. I started out in Orgrimmar because that's where my hearth is set. First thing I did was pick up the quests from the commoners sprawled around town. Then I happened upon another quest in the Broken Tusk located in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar. He gives you a quest to run around Org...and after a while it sends you to Undercity where you can pick up a bunch moar fun dailies and quests. Also, the quest you get from the Broken tusk eventually gets you a companion pet ;) so well worth your time imo. All the quests go pretty quickly and most offer tricky treats as a reward. The only quests that I'm having issues with doing are the ones where you go to one of the starting zone's villages and the Headless Horseman sets things afire--I have yet to see him do this except then I was flying over Goldshire when  I was stink-bombing Stormwind. I think I just have really bad timing...it wasn't that hard to do last year. Though it is a pain if you don't do it when there are a lot of people there because you can't put out all the fires. 

After playing around with the quests in UC I decided to do Headless Horseman, the mini-dungeon of Hallow's end. It's really quite easy. He drops ilevel 365 rings and some weighted-jack'o'lanterns that you will need for the "Check Your Head" achievement. Upon defeating the HH you will get a loot-filled pumpkin that has a chance to drop one of many fun Hallow's End items including: The Horseman's Sinister saber, The Horseman's Horrific Helmet, The Horseman's Reins, a flying broom, a Sinister Squashling or a Hallowed Helm. There is also a chance to get a mask from the pumpkin--as well as in your treat bag from the candy buckets. The designs have actually gotten a lot better--and you can wear them over your helmet so that is pretty neat. I'd love to get the mount, but really, what mount don't I want...

Once the quests are done, and you've done HH to your hearts content--it is probably time you start Trick-or-Treating because most of the inns in Azeroth have a bucket and you don't have all year to do it!! That is what I am working on right now, flying around trick-or-treating. You usually get 2-3 tricky treats per bucket, and I am working towards 150 so I can get the Feline Familiar, one of the most adorable pets in-game right now. It even mounts a broom stick when you mount! Though it works the best when you have a flying mount--you can also flight-path hop and go to the inns. I have the fastest flying, but I'm kinda lazy *and busy writing this* so I'm just using the flight-paths. 

Hallowed be Thy Name
  1. Trick-or-Treat
    • trick-or-treat from any candy bucket 
  2. Bring me the head of...oh wait
    • Kill the Headless Horseman--if you go with three from your guild it counts as an easy guild run
  3. That Sparkling Smile
    • Use a toothpick (chance drop from handful of candy)
  4. G.N.E.R.D Rage
    • Get ten honor kills in a battleground under the effects of the GNERD buff (candy)
  5. The Masquerade
    • Get transformed by a wand into all of the following: bat, ghost, leper gnome, ninja, pirate, skeleton and a wisp.
  6. Tricks and Treats of Azeroth
    • get a handful of treats from all the buckets in Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Outland
  7. Out with it
    • Eat so many tricky treats you get an upset tummy
  8. The Savior of Hallow's End
    • Complete one of the quests to save a village from the Headless Horseman
  9. Rotten Hallow
    • Complete the following quests:
      • Stink Bombs Away
      • A Time to Build up
      • Clean up in Undercity
      • A time to Break Down (easiest is to take Zep to Stranglethornvale, fly/walk to Stormwind)
  10. Check your head
    • Use a weighted-jack'o'lantern on the heads of each race (alliance and horde)
  11. Sinister Calling
    • Obtain the Sinister Squashling and a Hallowed Helm (both can be purchased with tricky treats, or chance drops from treat buckets/loot-filled pumpkin.

And there you have it. My "quick" how-to-Hallow's End guide. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did putting it together. I love the WoW holidays <3 If you have any comments or questions feel free to contact me :) 




ZOMG I must have this the minute it comes out!!!

Image Courtesy of WoWhead, from the post above ^^

That is all. 



Raid Night~Screenshot of the Week

Adventure Friends' third encounter in the Firelands Raid, Beth'tilac
My raid night inspired screenshot of the week. Our guild isn't a big raiding guild, we're very very casual and thats just how I like it :) Anyway, last night was our first attempt at Beth'tilac the giant *cringes* spider boss in the firelands. The fight is actually pretty interesting. A bitch to heal if you are healing the tank/dps in the web, but the fight itself doesn't seem all that hard. I say seem because as a healer I may sort of not pay that much attention to the fights...and dance a lot. 


Anyway. Since I didn't really pay that close attention, I'm not going to attempt to explain what the fight on the bottom is like (since I was healing Taylor on the top) You can always find helpful comments here. My main task was to keep the people who went up to the web (tank and 1 or 2 dps depending on your raid, and me the heals) alive. I'm just gonna say I'm more used to healing just one tank at a time--I've only once been on raid heals, and going up to the top I'm healing the tank, me and the two dps so it was a bit of a shock to my mana...I failed quite horribly at this boss. But in the end we got it. Our guild is really good at pulling things together :) It also doesnt help that the boss emits this stupid firey wave thing that is quite damaging, oh and she throws fire bolts that break the web and make you fall if you don't move...

The awsome part about this fight is that those that go up, get to jump on spider webs and be zoomed to the top. Ok well zoomed isn't quite the word, hmm...slowly brought to the top. The tricky part is if the healer and tank are too far away you (the healer anyway) has to run over to where the tank and dps are getting a beating. After a while you jump down and kill moar stuffs on the bottom and then go back up--I think you do this three or four times. Then it seemed pretty much like tank'n'spank on the second phase. Good time to pop bloodlust/timewarp. 

Please ignore my unit frames--I didn't really think it would be a good idea for me to alt+z them away...I had already let Taylor die too much :( The view was pretty neat though from the top and the web looked really cool. I've had enough of spiders though *gag.* 

Guildies!! Well half of them...people just aren't very good at sitting together...or still for that matter
PEACE! (or not)