Thursday Travels

This is a new thing I'm doing. I know I have Screen shot of the week, (which I hardly keep up with) but I want to try and do something on a consistent basis. So I thought I would start doing a few blogs about my favorite (and not so favorite) places in Azeroth!

I'm starting with my favorite Cataclysm zone: Uldum. Before I go any further, I'm just going to say that I hate the cat people...I get where they coming from, but I think they could have turned out way different and better than they did. But I digress.

I like Uldum so much, I've done it on all my 85's and I like it just the same every time. I can't say that I enjoy the instances there, or the raid, but the zone itself is really fun--and pretty! I've captured a lot of pretty shots there just from leveling my rogue.

Katorie in Uldum
If you enjoy a good story line, or enjoy Indiana Jones, doing the quests with Harrison Jones are well worth it. It goes pretty fast and most of the quest rewards in Uldum are pretty good (unless you Auction house crawl for better gear.) My favorite part though of the quest line is when you have to go to Schnottz Landing and you meet Commander Schnottz. I'm not going to ruin it for those of you who haven't done the quests yet--but its interesting what WoW had hidden in the quest-line. During one of the quests you have to go find a "desert fox" and while I was fox hunting I found...

Katorie stalking a sleeping armadillo
...a sleeping ARMADILLO!!! Zomg. Simply the cutest thing ever. After of course the little Wolpertinger there. Speaking of armadillos, we are about 10,000 critters away from getting ours in the guild!! For the Critter Kill Squad achievement for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about...if you kill 50,000 critters as a guild you are able to buy an adorable armadillo companion. We're soooo close! 

Uldum has fun quest lines, awesome graphics and cute armadillos...why wouldn't you want to quest there? So what about you, have you done Uldum, what did you think? 

Peace! (or not)




Tuesday marked the beginning of Brewfest! Yet another World of Warcraft holiday. This one has a lot of fun quests that you can do daily to get tokens to buy holiday stuffs. I haven't really done a whole lot with it this year as I got Brewmaster on Aurorie last year and I don't particularly fancy doing it all over again on my other toons. Aurorie is really the only one that does the holidays to the full extent. I did though decide to get the cute little wolpertinger on most of my toons this year...he is just too adorable to miss out on!

How can you say no to that adorable little guy?!

Besides all the fun food and drinks you can get during Brewfest, the main thing to do is the holiday mini-instance Coren Direbrew. Each time you kill him he has a chance to drop a trinket, and the first time you do it (each day) you get a Keg-Shaped Treasure chest that can have weapons, mounts or some silly little remote. I haven't had a ton of of luck this year with the kegs getting gear, but I am crossing my fingers that I'll get the dagger on my little roguie. Kaleb was nice enough to give me the mace he got, and helped me get my trinket so I will be geared quite nicely once I get to 84 :) It's nice that you can run Coren as many times as you want until you get the trinket, and it doesn't really take that long either. That's what our guild spent a bunch of time on Tuesday night doing, getting everyone our trinkets. <3 my guildies. 

Seeing as I have 3 level 85 characters (and an 84) I've been runing Coren daily to try my luck at getting the mount. Until yesterday I hadn't gotten much except for the silly little remote. That is until today, when my paladin, Aetta got the kodo mount! Not that I am complaining or anything, because he is actually pretty cute but I am still crossing my fingers that I get the ram on one of my goblins. It would look so adorable. I used to be ally and the rams were my favorite mount...go go dwarf pally :)

Brewfest Kodo mount
All in all, brewfest is pretty fun and I recommend doing it on at least one character. It is fun to be a Brewmaster and be in the Brew of the Month Club. They send you a new brew each month and sometimes they make you do silly things like breathe fire or talk in gnome binary. You also keep the glass it comes it and you can throw it at people ;)

What I want to know is, what is your favorite WoW holiday?




Happy Pirates' day :) 

Rawr sexy gobly <3
So there isn't really that much to say about pirates' day. It isn't a "holiday" that counts towards the mount or anything. You just get to dress like a pirate and look uber cute. WoWhead has a pretty good post if you are interested! 

All you do is go to Booty Bay and see Dread Captain Demeza, talk to her and you'll be a pirate for 12 hours. 

Yoho yoho a pirates life for me! 

Peace~or not



Gotta catch them all!

Since I started playing my mage over on Emerald Dream (a long time ago when she was still *gasp* a human) she's been a collector. Mounts, vanity pets, achievements(I guess you don't "collect" them but what ever)--you name it she collects it. Right now I'm more so focusing on the achievement part of it and the mounts. I am trying to collect pets on Midori and its far too costly and time consuming to do it on both.

I have a pretty good start on my mounts, which I have already blogged about here. But more recently I have acquired a few more. A few days a go a handful of us did OS 10 for the title and a chance at the drake mount. (its much easier when only a few of us go, as opposed to when you went with 10) Surprisingly I actually ended up winning, which is big for me because I hardly ever win important roles. Important=cute and/or fuzzy pets and mounts. ;)

Hanging out in Dalaran, cuz that's where the cool people stay. Honestly, I miss Dalaran...Wrath was the best <3
I like the drake mount, though it is kind of disappointing when you look at the icon. It has a pretty purple/pink looking drake on it, and when you mount it, that's not what it looks like. I'm starting to get a pretty collection of drake mounts. So far I have the blue one, black one, bronze one and the albino one. The blue drake has a chance to drop at the end of the Oculus, in the satchel. The bronze drake is guaranteed to drop if you do the timed part in the Culling of Stratholme (one in five shot isn't too bad.) And the white drake is from getting 50 mounts. Next, I am probably going to start farming rep from the Wyrmrest Accord for the Red drake.

The other mount that I just got, which I have been *slaving* over rep runs is the Cenarion war hippogryph.And when I say slaving I mean...having to do the Underbog, Slave Pens and The Steamvault quite a few times. I will be honest though, I cheated. I bought some of the Coilfang Armaments off the AH because I *hate* farming for rep...its just so boring! That was the easiest way that I saw to get rep "quickly" from the Cenarion Expedition. Running those three instances, daily, once on heroic and then however many times on normal. And hoping that the armaments drop, 83 rep per one armament is pretty decent imo. I should also point out that the armaments don't drop in the Underbog.

I love the hippogryph models. They are just so adorable. Yay birdie mount <3.
Time to level my little rogue. She's almost 80, and now a goblin ;)

Peace (or not)


Shout out

I just want to take a second and do a big shout out to the people that helped me make my blog look the way it does.

First off! Christopher made my banner and I adore it. All I said was that I wanted it to be jungle-esqe and he nailed it perfectly. Thank you <3

Secondly, Kaleb fixed my sidebar pictures by doing a bunch of stuff that is way over my head. ^_^ Thank you times a billion because I would have never figured it out and I would have had miniature thumbnail pictures (that just wouldn't do.)

Don't forget to clicky-click the pictures on the sidebar too if you are curious about the characters--it will lead you to their World of Warcraft Armory page :)

Finally, thank you Blogger for adding a follow via email gadget. I've always wanted one of those.



Can't live without them

Okay okay, maybe I can "live" without them, but I sure wouldn't want to PLAY without them. What on earth am I talking about you may be wondering...add-ons of course!

When I first started playing I was very against them, I figured why would I want to add something that will take away from the original game play--if it was meant to look or play like that Blizzard would have put it in from the beginning. I'm just going to say that after a lot of convincing I started trying out some add-ons that friends said were awesome. At the time I tried out Xperl and fell in love with it. Of course a year later the developer stopped working on it. I went back out of liking addons because it was annoying to get so used to an add-on and then find out that its not being updated any more (and with as much as things change in this game...)

Anyway, after a while I started getting back into add-ons. Right now I have a handful that I highly recommend to people.

Deadly Boss Mods.
Is a *must* if you are going to do dungeons or raids. It has a ton of really good visual and audio effects to tell you when to not stand in shit ;) One of my favorite things it does is when something is pursuing you, it says "Run a way little girl" in a creepy guy voice. I giggle every time.

I cannot heal with out this add-on. I have tried, and it just doesn't work. I've tried a few of hte other healing add-ons that my friends have recommended but there is too much set up that I just don't feel like dealing with. I just keep my heals on my number line and clicky click the box when someone needs a heal <3. Yes, yes I know WoW now had a pretty raid heal box, but I don't like it.

This one isn't really all that necessary, unless you really care about how much DPS or heals you do. I just find it interesting and feel naked without it.

Along with Grid, when I am healing on my shaman I like to use ShieldsUp. Its a really simple addon that tells you (by noise effect and display) that your shields have worn off. Yep thats all it does. But thats all I really need. I am really horrible about remembering to put my earth shield on the tank so that addon really really helps. I'm also really bad at picking up my totems...remember that one time in that one instance...

I have a bank alt, like I'm sure most of you do. Because I am highly obsessed with posting my auctions every single day, hey a girl's gotta make gold somehow! And since I'm not on an RP server...I like to use the addon Auctionator. This add-on was recomended to me by either Kaleb or Taylor...XD I don't remember but anyway...I LOVE it. I can't believe I used to post auctions the old way. All you do with this (and set some parameters) is drag and drop, it searches prices for you and automatically undercuts (whatever you want it to.) Its pretty awesome. And when payday finally hits the mailbox I use Postal to get everything out fast--and when everything is emptied into your bags it tells you how much gold you made. Its pretty neat.

The last two things that I like that makes game play a little bit better are Steam and Ventrilo.

I was just introduced to Steam a few months ago and I really like it. Though it does a lot of other things...I really only use it for its chat feature. Someday I'll get games so I can kill zombies too...My favorite feature of Steam is that when you log into the game via steam if you shift-tab you can pull up a condensed version of the Steam dashboard (friends list, chat windows, etc.) But the BEST part is that I can still see the game...so I can chat while I'm raid healing (bahahaha just kidding guildies.) But really, its a nice feature so you dont have to continue alt tabbing the windows up and down. I don't know about everyone else's computers--but mine hates that.

Most of you know about Vent so I'm not really going that into it, but I'm just saying if you don't have a mic you are not using it to its full extent. I just started using it with a mic and it is much more fun to actually respond to my guildies rather than type back to them in chat.

And how could I forget! World of Warcraft Remote Armory! I love it. Its for the smart phones :) Auctions on the go and mobile guild chat. Lots of other really great features like the armory, item search and talent calculator. Its only $2.99 a month, so if your a WoW nerd like me, its worth it.

With that, I'm being told to log on because its almost time for the raid.
Oh yeah, What are your favorite add-ons? I'd loooove to hear about them!




Say that ^^ 10 times fast ;)

A handful of us in the guild are actually gearing up for this and I'm going ot be honest, I'm really enjoying myself. For me, its about seeing all the old school raids (or new stuff w/e you're into) and hanging out with some good friends.  Along the way I've actually managed to make a few pretty adorable sets for my mage. I have decided to only do this on one too as it is wayyy to time consuming to do it on more. I also don't know how much it is going to cost when it comes out either. /shrug. It prolly says somewhere. I get my tidbits of info from Wowhead via their facebook/twitter feeds but I haven't really researched anything. I'm just having fun making sets. My favorite one is the "Arcanist" set. The other ones are quite miss-matched right now so I'm not going to show them off, though the "fire" one is almost done.

We have pretty much just been sticking to the old school raids (when the gear looked the best imo). Molten Core is where all the Arcanist set drops, I enjoy it mostly due to the colors and the neat head piece. I've also enjoyed doing Blackwing Lair and the Burning Crusade raids. ^_^

I've found this site to be quite helpful in my quest to find cool looking sets!

And now for some screen-shots, (Because it wouldn't be my blog if I didn't have screen-shots)

I also have a pretty sweet looking staff and wand--I'll post on them later

Gobs: Aurorie(me), Geezix(Kaleb), Fizzilla(Christopher)
and in back we have Keledar(Taylor)
Peace! (or not)