Screenshot of the Week (only because I can't pick a damn day)

All the hard work of the dailies in Tol Barad finally paid off!

Well it isn't really the dailies that are hard, though some are quite annoying...it's the fact that it is a PvP zone (on a PvP server lol) so there is a ton of ganking going on. Not that I don't do my fair share of ganking when I'm with my guildies... but still. The PvP makes the zone a little bit more challenging. Anyway! This beauty can be purchased from the Hellscream's reach quarter master once you are exalted and have obtained 165 commendations (which come from doing the dailies.) It would have taken me a lot longer had I not been doing it with my boyfriend and Sarah...so thanks you two! :)

Other than the Firelands dailies (post to come later--maybe) I am focusing on the Deepholm dailies so I can *eventually* get Pebble, the companion pet. For him you have to do his quest 10 times, the tricky part is being lucky enough to have it pop up for you. *Shrugs* It's good gold either way :)



Kael'thas Strat

I'm kind of thinking about farming for the Ashes of Al'ar. Birdfall had a pretty good Strat: http://birdfall.blogspot.com/2009/09/kaelthas-strat-or-how-to-farm-your.html

If any of you in the guild are interested let me know!! Christopher and I would love to go, the more the merrier, though I think 5-7 is a good number.

Having this would be pretty epic:

(Image Courtesy of: wowyinyang.wordpress.com)

Okay okay. Now I'm really off to bed. 


Screenshot Saturday

The last week or so has been filled with lots of fiery fun! To kick it off its the start of the Midsummer Fire Festival! Aaaand on Tuesday the new patch, Rage of the Firelands (patch 4.2) came out. I haven't really done many of the fire festivities this year because I did them ALL last year on Auroriia (now Aurorie the goblin). Though I have started the Firelands daily quests, and for the most part I'm really enjoying them. If you played at the tournament in Wrath...its kinda like that. The only thing I'm *not* enjoying is the constant ganking and such that comes with a PvP server. Drat you friends! Why did you have to choose Spirestone! (lol j/k! <3 you)

Here is what I ended up with after completing everything for the title Flame Keeper:
EDIT: The staff that is equipped is NOT part of the festival/or festival rewards. Its just a low level blood elf staff. 

Its quite time consuming, but fun as well and you get a good amount of gold (and xp if you are a lowbie) for desecrating and honoring the flames.

Well its off to bed for me! Hope everyone is enjoying this fiery festival!