Aaaaand here we go! Long story short I power-leveled my Shaman to 85 so I could join the guild in the fun! 

Random tidbits:
I'm on a cute little goblin shaman, Midori, on Spirestone. I am in Adventure Friends, a guild that is made up of friends and their friends. We have very few people that we meet in game. (We have had some trouble with people getting hacked and attacking the guild bank.) I really love my guild, they are all really amazing people. I have even made some pretty good friends :) I am restoration/elemental spec'd so I heal for the raids and pvp as elemental. 

Last week was my first time raiding--like legit actual my level raid. It was so intense.We did the first two bosses of Bastion of Twilight.  I was stressing myself out about it before hand because I was really worried I would fail terribly, but I didn't :) Not that I did it on my own or anything, I had Emily's husband Taylor coaching me (and the rest of the guild) on what to expect on the encounters and everything. I apparently did a good job because I'm going again tomorrow! Yayness. We're doing Blackwing Descent. I'm totally not even nervous, we have such a great group of people!! 

**Emily...hurry up and level your druid...it gets kind of masculine-y with only two girls =P**

I suppose that's all I have to chat about right now, later though you can expect blogs on my shaman, more raids and some of my other characters <3