Screenshot of the Week

I feel like this shot is pretty epic. 'Nuff said :)


yes...I'm back!

Arena Night

I haven't really been in the mood to play World of Warcraft...let alone blog about it--so I'm sorry I haven't posted anything lately.

Tonight though is Arena night!!! I'm excited. Its like the one thing I look forward to in WoW now (after leveling.) Right now I just play a 2v2 team with my boyfriend. It works really well with the two of us...we're even in the same room so communication is really easy (lol).

I'm still working on gearing up, he had a head start because he only leveled one character to 85, where as I leveled 2 (Mage and Paladin) and played a bunch of alts getting them to about 35-50 before losing interest. But! That is for another post...

We are a Holy Paladin/Arms Warrior team and we seem to do pretty well. I'm sure its not the best team, but we're having fun and thats all the really matters to us :)

Do any of you guys do arena? I'm curious to hear what class combos you might use!