Screenshot of the Week

Helzor, the tank with Aetta my holy paladin.

My mage dinged 85 today and it made me thing back to when I dinged 80. I know I haven't been 85 for very long...but I think I've seen a good portion of Cataclysm and I still think Wraith of the Lich King was my favorite expansion. It was when I first started healing on my paladin. My friend Jonathan (Helzor) and I would run chain heroics just for the hell of it cuz we kicked so much butt lol. it was awesome. Had some good times in Lich, I feel like everything I do in Cata is forced...or maybe I'm just overworked so I just feel that way by the end of the night when I finally sit down to play.

Whatever it is, I miss running randoms with the guildies...I know I should just hurry up and level my pally so I can heal on her...but no one is really making healing or tanking sound like its very "fun" any more. I don't mind that its hard--but all Iever do is hear people complain. *Cough* I wish my boyfriend would tank on his warrior...that would give me a bit more motivation to level a healer for the guild. I hate pugging for tanks :/ It tends to not end very well with my luck. I'm happy the guild I'm in is pretty active, with most if us being in our upper 80's I think I'll start doing dungeons daily with the guild. Yay guild xp! <3

I've lost sight on what I wanted to do with blog...but things are slowing down a bit now that I"m 85 and I dont feel like I need to rush of my other toons there. I think I'll be blogging a bit more :)

Hows Cataclysm going for everyone else?? I'd love to hear from you!




I welcome change with open arms...the only thing I sort of avoided was racing to 85 with my "main." I just didn't want to be apart of the whole OMG NEED TO BE 85 NAO. So I waited a bit. I'm excited to say now though, that my little mage is 84 and a half ;) So I'm almost there. Most of my guildies are already 85, some are still in the upper 80's so I won't end up doing random's all alone. *cringe* The thought of that makes me ill almost. I'm so happy I have such a friendly guild. We do so much together and they are so relaxed. I leveled through Hyjal with my boyfriend and did all those quests, then hit Deepholm (which I think is naturally next) then I went to Uldum and I must say I adore that zone. It is so amazing. The sand with the oasis parts of it...and of course its really fun to see "Harrison Jones" and help in on is little adventures. Finished up all the Uldum quests today and now I'm headed to Twilight Highlands. I've been questing as frost, because it has the best survivability...but I am so excited to go back to fire for heroics and raiding ^_^ 

There is one more change...

Aurorie in Uldum

Auroriia is no longer a hawt blood elf. I just adore the goblins so much I had to race change her right away. I also changed her name to "Aurorie" because I thought it was more fitting for a goblin. 

Oh there are so many things I can post about now...so this is it...I'm BACK :)