Who doesn't want a singing sunflower?

I'm not sure how much you guys pay attention to stuff that gets randomly added to the game...but had I not read this post by Beth, Lawn of the Dead Strat, or "Cute Singing Sunflower!" I would have never found out that just by doing a mini-game I could get an adorable singing sunflower. Unless of course I was randomly walking around Hillsbrad...which isn't something I often do. Until a about a week ago. I was bored and decided to go explore the new zones after the patch. After exploring the majority of the eastern kingdoms I ended up walking right up to the mini game. I had read some posts on new pets to the game--but I thought they were a bit too much work...and I'd get to them eventually. Anyway! What you *basically* have to do in the mini-game is fight off zombies with flowers. I'll let you read the WoWhead post to get a better idea.

You go through a few phases, each getting harder than the one before. It is quite fun, but can also be really frustrating if you don't know exactly what to do. Beth had posted a really helpful strategy so I went with that right away and it worked out for me the second time around.

It was really fun, so go check it out! Well, with only 10 minutes until I can play cataclysm, I'm going to end with this :) More posts to come this week! 

Singing Sunflower 



I've been neglecting blogging lately...its mostly because I've been trying to get to level 70 on my druid before Cataclysm. Well I almost made it. I'm 68 and working on getting attuned for Karazhan. I'm hoping the guild wont forget about our Moon Guard 70's tomorrow...when it Cata actually comes out. I've had a lot of fun over there and it would be a shame to just forget about it.

Anyway! I'm so excited for Cata to come out tomorrow!! I work 12:30-9:00 pm, but then my boyfriend and I are going to stop at our local game stop and wait to buy our copies. Yes we could have gotten the digital copy, but I really enjoy going to the midnight openings.

I also took off work on Tuesday so I have all day to make gold ;) I'm really looking forward to making my goblin shaman. I've been holding off on making a shaman just so i could play something brand new when goblins came out. I have all her legacy ready to go, with the exception of getting some enchants. I did the same with waiting on making a rogue, which is what i'll be making my worgen...although I'm not quite as excited about them as I was when they first announced them. I don't like the way the models look and the worgen voices are just weird. But I am happy that there will be more races running around. Change is always good.

I've also been checking out the new Undead starting quests, and I must say I'm really impress. I'm not going to say anymore than that though--go check them out! I don't really care to play an undead so I moved my blood elf warrior over there to play with some friends.

With that I'm going to leave you with a question: What are YOU going to do first? Level your 80's to 85 in the new zones? Make one of the new races? Or maybe experience a new class that was available before?  

I may post a few more blogs tonight--I've been busy, but I have a few more things I want to post about ;)