Screenshot of the Week

I adore this shot. This is where I ended up when using a Scroll of Recall above level 40. I think it captures the landscape behind Xaela quite well :)



Get to the Choppa'

Click it! Its so much better bigger :D

Aetta finally got her Mechanohog. Only took about 3 months worth of saving. And working the auction house. :) Very happy I had a friend help me make the goldz to get this.

Whootie. Well anyway its time for bed :) Tomorrow I'll have a new SotW!



Meet my latest obsession:

Xaela Autumnrain
Yes thats right. I made a night elf. A night elf druid to be exact. She just ding'd level 40 and is currently dual spec'd Balance/Restoration. I am LOVING it. This is on the RP server Moon Guard. It has been sooo much fun. A bunch of us from Adventure Friends are over on Moon Guard...sort of a mini vacation before cataclysm comes out. Taylor, Jordan and Marcus are already 70--which is where we are stopping to do some classic level 70 raiding.

I don't know if I'll get to 70 before the expansion comes out--but I'm sure going to try.

This blog is just a little taste of what I'm going to start blogging about on Mondays. ((Moon Guard Mondays))