Hallow's End

Well its just about time for Hallow's end to...well...end :( And I have yet to get the mount. I don't really mind too much though, I'm just happy that I got my title! Most of the achievements were really easy, the only one that took a long time was the one where you had to travel to EVERY inn and get candy from the basket. Got 6g from each though, along with some candy--that buffs you so it wasn't too bad. I didn't bother doing it on any of my other 80's though because...to be honest...Auroriia is my Achievement whore ;)

This Hallow's end was fun, its for sure one of my favorite holidays in World of Warcraft. Next year I hope to be on the ball with the holidays and post BEFORE they are over. lol.

Happy Hallow's End!


Screenshot of the Week

Because I'm slightly addicted to taking screenshots in World of Warcraft (and Ok...i'm a huge nerd)...I have decided to do a "Screenshot of the Week" post every Friday. I'm also sort of hoping it will help me be more motivated to write in general...

I have no idea where this is but judging on
the mount, its Auroriia.
Go Ahead. Click it. It looks much better :)



So one of my favorite things about Dalaran is that there are so many random NPCs that either walk around and don't really have a purpose...or do things if you talk to them. I don't really know if its considered an "easter egg" or not, but I like it.

My first is the little gnome that walks around at 9 P.M. server--on Spirestone, (11 P.M. Central time) and lights Dalaran's street lights. After he completes his round of the lights, he resumes his standing on the Alliance side, if you click him now he has a wand and you can actually walk around and light the lamps he missed! Its so much fun to do :)

Chillin' with Windle
Ooo shiney!

The other NPC I love is the shoe shine guy that hangs out in the second level of The Finest Thread. If you sit in his chair he says something about getting a shoe shine and he walks over and does it for you. Then you have sparkles on your boots! They last like an hour or until you get hurt. Its pretty cute.

He says some stuff...and then bang!

Shiney Shoes!

I'd like to know...who is your favorite in-game NPC?