I absolutely adore the holiday festivities in World of Warcraft. Currently, Auroriia is working towards getting her Violet Proto-Drake  she only needs a few more of the achievements. The last Brewfest one is the "Brew of the Month" club member ship and that is 200 of the brewfest coins. I'm at 160 though so I'll get it by next week.

Until yesterday, I never did the holiday boss, Coren Direbrew, apparently they changed a lot about him. All I know is that its a really really easy 2 frost emblems for the day and a shot at a Brewfest mount! *Squeeeee* I really want the Ram for Auroriia...and the Kodo for Aetta. *Crosses fingers* Hopefully one of them will get it.

There are a bunch of quests to do the first time you do brewfest, WoWhead has everything here: http://www.wowhead.com/guide=brewfest if you are looking for a good guide. Otherwise, just head to Org/If and have at it. All the quests you do for brewfest are pretty easy (I dont think any of the festivities are really...hard lol some are just more tedious than others *coughs...getting eggs*). I would really have to say though that the quest for the Wolpertingers is by far my favorite. I'll admit it...its because you get to keep one! OMG the cutest thing in Azeroth!!

Well enough about brewfest...I just wanted to be honest about my latest obsession. She's tall, she has hooves...she's a Death Knight...and she's a FEMALE TAUREN!! You're probably wondering "why on earth am I leveling a death knight." Well I started leveling a hunter with a friend who wanted to tank--but he took off leveling with out me and left my poor little orc hunter behind. So I played Saetella with him for a while, kept out leveling me. So finally I gave in and made Keirna, my female tauren death knight. She's adorable. No joke. Dinged 70 yesterday :) (yes I realize thats not a very big accomplishment seeing as I started at 58) but now we're keeping up at the same leveling pace with heirloom gear and such. It has been so much fun. I get a lot of flack for making a death night but I don't care--its just a game! We're all entitled to play whatever we want. ^_^

Time for some screenies--Hope everyone has a good weekend! *Cheers*

In Shattrath, on my "fake" brewfest kodo

There's the little Wolpertinger

If I was going to level a DK I'd do it in style!