Sprite Darter Hatchling *Squeeeee*

So maybe I haven't really been collecting pets as hardcore as some people because I had NO IDEA that the sprite darter hatchling was farmable. I started playing oh....three years ago, and the first time I saw one I looked at Christopher and told him I must have one. 

Well. Now I do. Only its on my alt warlock, Saetella. It was quite funny actually. I was having a horrible day, so i decided to just quest a bit to relieve some stress. After questing i was about to log, opened my bags (I'm kind of odd--I like to organize my bags) and there it was! A Sprite Darter Hatchling Egg!!! So happy :) 

Looks like I've got a little farming to do on Auroriia. I'm sooo close to getting the Little Fawn! 

Saetella with the Sprite Darter Hatchling, in Feralas.