Yes thats right, I've done it...I've actually leveled a character that can do something other than DPS <3 Don't get me wrong I adore Auroriia's Dps...but when it comes down too it, it can get kind of boring doing the same thing. Recently, I finally got my little paladin, Aetta, to 80. She has duel spec, which really comes in handy--because the healing spec I use for instances wont do well in PvP--so I obviously PvP in my retribution spec. With the help of my boyfriend I have a pretty decent fresh 80 healing set. Looking forward to getting my heal on in some of the easier instances with my friends and guildies.  

Still a bit nervous to heal for a whole group of strangers though O.o hopefully I'll get over that. After all, I haven't ever done anything besides DPS...

I'm also looking for some good healing add ons. And a UI that looks pretty <3 I was using Xperl, but it always bugged out on me...So if any one has any suggestions I'd like to hear them :)

Well thats about it for now, time to hit the gym before we go camping :D

In my healing gearz <3