midsummer festival

I forgot my keys in Christopher's car yesterday...found out about half an hour before I had to go to work :( Luckily he can take his lunch at home and bring me my keys. Thank goodness my job was OK with me coming in an hour late.

In the meantime, I'm flying around Azeroth on Auroriia honoring and stomping out flames :) Way to get a head start on the festival hehe. 

Looking forward to doing it on my 76 paladin, you get a ton of XP!

Anyway, I had an awesome weekend, will touch on that later this week. 



Auroriia's Spellbook: sitting in que is boring

I tend to get really bored sitting in que (which I'm sure most people do lol) so after I've done all my Argent dailies I like to work towards achievements...because for some reason...I love doing them :)

My latest obsession was getting to 50 mounts...this was pretty easily obtained by buying all the race mounts because I'm exalted. The others were from random drops or battleground. Well tonight I finally got my 50th, and 51st mounts! 

Here they are: 

I love PvP so I thought getting the Frostwolf was fitting :)

And heres what you get when you get 50 mounts:


<3 I think I have an addiction.