Auroriia's Spellbook: Goodbye Emerald Dream

...and hello Spirestone. Yes its true. I transfered my level 80 mage, Auroriia (human) to Spirestone (hordie-blood elf) so I could play with my friends Emily, Taylor and Mig.

So my idea to "quit" World of Warcraft for the summer fell through. Mostly because I see it as a hobby--and now that I'm done with school--I feel its OK for me to indulge in this hobby as long as I don't play all the time (which I won't because I know I have other things to do like camp, scrapbook and spend time outdoors with Christopher). I did quit for my last month of school, which was really nice because I was able to focus on my final projects. Finished with a 3.89 GPA and officially graduated today!


Oh happiness. I will blog about my vacation this weekish.