Back Again

Warlords of Draenor is finally here! Mmm sexy new load screen:

Okay okay, I know I've said this quite a few times now.  But this time I'm back for real, and have been for a few weeks now.  I have a few friends that play which is great, and best of all, my fiance plays.  So what has been keeping me busy these last few weeks that I've been back?  Well of course I'm leveling yet another (okay a few) alt--this alt is different though.  She's pretty much going to be used for the sole purpose of putting together sexy transmog sets that look just silly on my gnome and goblin clothies.  I also put together another transmog set for my paladin--she's up to five now I do believe.  Geezix and I have been doing a little bit of everything here and there, but mostly Looking for Raid--snatched a few adorable pets while doing this.  For some crazy reason, I find LFR to be fun again, even though I'm sure I'll get bored with it like I always do.  **Oh also, how freaking COOL is the toybox?!  I totally love it.  Having all my "toys" in one place is awesome.  I love cremating fallen groupies.

My paladin Midra, taking in the new starting zone.  (after closer inspection of my screenshots I don't have any of her new set yet :(  promise I'll share later)
So who is excited about the expansion?!  I know I am.  Especially for the pets.  If you know me at all you know I've gotta catch'em all.  Garrisions look pretty interesting too.  I can't wait to PLAY.  Why am I not playing you ask?  It has nothing to do with lag.  I can't get IN and stay in long enough to play.  I sat in a queue of over 3000 for three hours, played for 15 minutes and got kicked.  Boo.  I blame merged servers.  Oh well, at least the expansion isn't going away any time soon.

Okay, so the big patch before WoD release had new character models for some of the races we love.  I want to share with you what some of my toons look like after the transformation. Don't forget to click them if you want to have a closer look! :)

Auroriia the hunter
Ailzi the warrier
Skold the priest
Midra the paladin before she underwent a major race change
Alarika the mage (aka tranmog whore)
That is all for now, I really just wanted to say hi and post some screenshots.  Expect more from me over the next few months, since you know, I'm here to stay this time!  I have at least two transmog features in the works and I think I'm going to bring back my "screenshot of the week" posts.

As always, thanks for reading--it means a lot to me.

Alright, that is all for now, but I need to know--what are you all excited for about WoD?!



Talk like a pirate day!

Back from a break of wow...life has been BUSY.

Yup.  I love this game and the fun it has with holidays.  Next up on the blog?  Mmm an update on what I've been doing (when I was doing it, before life got crazy). . .stay tuned!



Casual Friday Transmog

Hi everyone!  Hope all is going well!  So, I started playing WoW again and my new favorite alt is little miss Elariana, the Destro Lock.  Even though my fiance and I have mostly been running dungeons, I managed to scrape this set together last night. I am totally loving the casual look and feel this transmog offers.

Honestly, when it comes to transmog, these pieces were fairly easy to obtain.  A few from dungeons and others cheap on the auction house (and I'm on a role play server...so that's saying something!)

Shoulders: Sage's Mantle--World/Dungeon BoE drop levels 21-32.  I got mine cheap off the AH.
Chest: Buccaneer's Vest--Another World/Dungeon BoE drop levels 19-25.  Found mine in either Stockade or Gnomeregon. Also comes in red!
Waist: Enumerated Wrap--Satchel of Helpful Goods (random dungeon reward lvls 5-15)
Hands: Enumerated Handwraps--Satchel of Helpful Goods (random dungeon reward lvls 24-34) There are lots of options for hands, I just like these ones because they allow the glove to be tucked under the sleeve leaving the poof at the end of the sleeve out.
Legs: Saurboz's Leggings-- Horde quest reward, Barrier to Entry. This is the same model as Godfrey's Britches which both Alliance and Horde can get from their respective quests for killing Godfrey in Shadowfang Keep.
Boots: Woolen Boots--Bought mine off the AH, but a Tailor of level 95 skill can make these quite easily.  There are lots of options for boots too, I just liked these better because the tan goes with the golden brown on the belt.  This leggings/boots combo makes me think of wearing skinny jeans and Uggs ;)
Weapon: Hydrocane--Not really sold on this weapon, but I got it from the boss Viscous Fallout in Gnomeregon and it matched the blue theme.

This set is really fun to me because you can really pick any shirt/color and run with that as the theme.  I have a few red set ideas too.  Let me know if you found this helpful and I would LOVE to hear what you are transmoged into these days! <3



Gnomie Tank

Well, it has happened again, and this time I don’t think it’s going to stop like it did last time. Kaleb and I have ONCE AGAIN started playing WoW. This time though, with reversed roles! Normally I heal him and he tanks. This character pair we’re playing I am tanking and he is healing. He’s never played shaman very far so he’s going to try it this time. I am once again going to attempt to tank with a warrior. I woke up one morning and was like. . . I need to make a female gnome warrior with pink hair. So that is exactly what I did.

We've just begun questing in and we are already having so much fun I can’t wait to take these two to 90.

What’s every one been up to? Looking forward to the next expansion??

<3 Aurorie


Screenshot of the Week: Dusted Off

A few weeks ago I dusted off my little goblin shaman and fell back in love with her. So of course I just had to take some screenshots!

Saeuri embracing her true love of the elements
She's been moved from an evil PvP server to a nice RP server. I love RP servers, getting ganked is just not my thing and I love being around all the role playing. I haven't really leveled her much, just played around in the Jade forest but when I come back from my [hiatus] I think I might go back to her. Elemental/Resto shaman is so exciting...and lot of the spells are cool too. I've had a lot of fun with Saeuri/Midori. She's had a lot of different hair colors, switched back and fourth between ele and enh and then she finally got shelved when I fell in love with other toons and didn't touch her during Mists of Pandaria.

If you were paying attention, you noticed that little word...hiatus...yes you read right, I'm taking a break from the world I've come to love so much. It isn't because I don't love it anymore, I still do! It is because I'm moving half way across the country and I just won't have much time to play so it makes sense to take a little break from it. Anyway, I'll probably love it even more when I come back. 

when she was still Midori, an enh shaman~rawr
I might still pop on here from time to time to post old screenshots, gob knows I have thousands of them. I will be doing two more posts before the 4th of July: "500 pets" and "Ailsi's NEW Transmog."

Thanks for reading!


Giveaway Winner and Screenshot of the Week: Through the Years

Skold rolled a #2 out of the people who weren't me
Congrats to Kaleb for winning the Lil Ragnaros pet. Thank you to everyone who entered. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :)

I thought it would be fun to take a stroll down memory lane for this week's screenshot of the week. At first I was confused as to why I didn't have anything in May of 2010, but then I realized I wasn't playing at that time because I graduated college. Anyway, although I didn't find very many, I picked three that popped out at me from the first week of May. 

Rizzii, my first beloved gnome May 2009
Still my favorite paladin, Aetta, tired after arena. May 2011
A sexy elf hanging out with a perty flower. <3 Lifegiving Seed May 2012
Heh, what a fun little thing to do. Have a great week everyone!


Transmog Feature: Skold's Runecloth Ensemble+Giveaway NOW open

*whispers: scroll down for information on Lil'Rag giveaway!*

Wow, it has been a crazy long time since I've done an actual Transmog Feature. Things in WoW have slowed down quite a bit for me since I've been playing other games. I'm running out of outfits to feature because I've done pretty much all my friends and I'm not leveling anyone at the moment so I don't have anything new either. Well except there is this adorable ensemble that I put together for Skold a week ago...just finished it today by finding the *almost* perfect belt.

No headpiece yet, but I do kind of want to find a crown...

Shoulder~Archmage Mantle 
Alone, this mantle is quite ugly. But paired with the gorgeousness of the Runecloth robe, it isn't all that bad. It has a terrible drop rate of 1% in Hyjal Summit. If you want this mantle, watch the auction house, with it being so ugly I can't imagine it would be all that expensive...

Chest~Runecloth Robe
This beautiful robe, one of my all time favorites, is a tailored item. Tailors of skill level 260 or higher can make it quite easily as it is learned from a trainer and all you need is five bolts of runecloth, one Ironweb Spider Silk and one rune thread. My favorite part about this robe is the cut out in the back.

Gloves~Mystic's Gloves
I will be the first person to admit that these gloves are not a perfect match for the set. But honestly, they are the best I can find. I've looked everywhere, but I keep watching the auction house and random drops. I am pleased with the fact that they don't clash too horribly with the set though. I love that they are dark and fingerless so though, I feel like they don't draw that much attention. Another terrible drop rate--less than 1% for these gloves so check the AH, I always see a ton of them up for hardly any gold.

Belt~Black Belt of Knowledge
I almost fell off my chair today when I found this beauty on the auction house today. I paid 1.5k gold, but it wasn't the price that stunned me, it was the fact that it was *exactly* what I was looking for!! I really really wanted gold strands for the belt, and I got them. This is another tailored item, the plan has a pretty bad drop rate of 0.2% in the BC raids/dungeons. So I'd look on the AH or find a tailor who can make it if you want it.  Expect to pay a pretty penny for it though as it needs six Bolts of Imbued Netherweave, 14 Primal Mana and one Primal Nether.

Boots~Netherweave Boots
I've been told these boots go well with the set. Although I am pleased with them, I'm still not happy with how they go with the set. It is so hard to find good looking boots in WoW. Honestly, it's quite ridiculous. This plan is learned from a Tailoring Trainer so Tailors of level 335 and higher should be able to make it. All you need is six bolts of Netherweave, two Knothide leathers and one Rune Thread.

Weapon~Scarlet Kris
Although it really has nothing to do with the set or matching...I just loved this dagger so much I had to transmog it. So sexy! It has a 4% chance to drop off Ragnaros in Molten Core.

Off-Hand~Bureaucrat's Handbook
Notice the paw? Skold collects companion pets, so she needs somewhere to keep track of them! ;) This off-hand is a quest reward from "Call Out Their Leader" a quest in Kun-Lai Summit.

In honor of Skod's sexy dagger from Ragnaros, I've decided to do a giveaway of one Lil Ragnaros. It will be conducted through the comment section of this blog. To enter, answer the following question: "Which transmog feature/featurette (that I've done) was your favorite?"

The contest will go from 4/29/13 to 5/6/13 with the winner being announced Monday at 9 PM central time. Only one entry per person, US realms only with an active World of Warcraft subscription. I will be using the WoW /roll system to find the winner based on the number of entries.

Hope everyone has an amazing week!


Screenshot of the Week: Azure Water Strider

If you are at all like me, you probably hate fishing in World of Warcraft. Though, I must say, it is way better than it ever used to be. One wonderful thing I love about it now is that you don't need to equip a fishing pole anymore! The only reason you would want to equip one is if you wanted to use bait and a +stat pole. You can also fish anywhere with whatever skill you are at and still level up, much faster than you ever could before. The best part about fishing now is that you can level it (slowly but surely) by doing the fishing dailies with the Anglers in Southern Krasarang.

The Anglers have a few nice rewards between honored and exalted, but my favorites are the Azure Water Strider and the Tiny Goldfish. As soon as I got exalted with the Anglers I ran to pick up the cutest unique mount the game has to offer. The Azure Water Strider is adorable and perfect for my gnomie. The strider makes bug noises, which I hate, but when you hit the spacebar while standing still he stands up really straight and it makes me giggle every time. It's also a pretty nice mount to have when you want to walk on water, but unfortunately this ability is disabled in battlegrounds. The other rewards are beneficial too, however, I don't fish very much so I don't buy them. There are four new fish that you can get while out fishing in Pandaria. They have terrible drop rates though, so I don't really suggest farming for them unless you have a lot of time to waste and a lot of patience. I do not have such patience.

"standing straight"
Just a side note: don't forget that you can use the "bonus" reputation for doing a dungeon and a scenario daily. Just make sure to mark it in the reputation panel. You can also get the Anglers Commendation once you hit revered with them to make the rep grind a bit easier. 

fishing can be fun...sometimes :)
Fishing is better than it used to be, but still not my favorite thing to do. However, the rep grind is totally worth it for the Azure Water Strider. Not to mention the fish that you get are good for leveling cooking! I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their weekend!



Screenshot of the Week: Isle of Thunder

Silly Skold, she probably needed help getting up on that ledge
If you haven’t already, you should check out the new daily quest hub on the Isle of Thunder. It offers a variety of daily quests where you get reputation, valor/or conquest and honor, lesser Charms of Good fortune and a trove/bounty (dependent on faction)as quest rewards. You have the option [daily] to follow the PvP or PvE chain. I've only ever done the PvE ones because I don’t like getting ganked, but I hear the PvP are much quicker and easier. Apparently you don’t have to do as many quests and they are all located in one spot, whereas the PvE ones you are romping all over the island. The Isle of Thunder is being “discovered” a bit at a time…and it is dependent on your server’s participation as a whole. I thought that was a pretty neat idea. It was nice to not have the whole island shoved at us to do away with and get bored right away. As with all the other daily quests, this is a reputation grind. As alliance you are working on rep for The Kirin Tor Offensive. They have many nice gifts for you along the way to becoming exalted with them. Of course my favorite is the super adorable triceratops mount; but they also have cloaks, rings and other nifty things to offer. 

Skold keeping watch

Dailies aren’t my favorite thing to do in WoW, but having a friend along makes them much easier to bare—fun even. There are a lot of neat things going on around the island too that aren’t daily quests like Kroshik, treasure chests and rare mobs that spawn all over the island like clockwork. I even got a companion pet off one of them--Haywire. The rare mobs don’t need to be tagged by alliance or horde for credit. Which means you don’t need to be in a group to kill them, just make sure you hit them a few times before you die.

Doesn't Ailsi look pretty standing there? This shot is perfect because of the way the lightening and rain is captured
Everyone knows how much I enjoy collecting pets so of course when the patch came out, I captured all the new pets there. There is a frog, a snake, an electrified Razortooth and a Thundertail Flapper. The frog and snake have brand new models that I was really excited about. The razortooth and the flapper are elementals, which is pretty rare to find in the wild. By Stage four Skold was already exalted with the Kirin Tor Offensive The rep grind is really fast, especially when you pick up the Grand Commendation of the Kirin Tor Offensive (or the Sunreaver equivalent  at revered. One other thing I’d like to mention, if you do a daily dungeon and/or scenario make sure you pick which faction you want the rep to go to—it is really helpful in the rep grind. I hope everyone is enjoying the Isle of Thunder as much as I am…can’t wait to see the end of it!



Noblegarden~April 1st-8th

It's that time of year again! Everyone is twitterpated, little bunnies are running around laying eggs and people are fighting over egg spawn points. Nothing has been added since 2012, so go ahead and refer to my guide from last year. There were some tweaks to achievements though, so if you are interested check out WoWhead's post.

Over all, this event really isn't all that fun, you run around and collect eggs. Lots of eggs and fight with lots of people. Probably not fun with CRZ. There are a few fun things to buy, I really like the strider mounts--noblegarden's mount is a swift springstrider. Also, if you are working towards "What a Long, Strange Trip it's Been" for the violet drake--you might want to do this holiday's achievements if you haven't done so already!
Midaria at last year's Noblegarden
Good luck and have fun!